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Create a loyal WhatsApp user base from scratch

whatsapp Official WhatsApp Business APIs

whatsapp Official WhatsApp Business APIs

Meet new customers, sell products and run marketing campaigns.

End-to-End WhatsApp solution for businesses trusted by 300+ brands.

Meet new customers, sell products and run marketing campaigns. End-to-End WhatsApp solution for D2C businesses, trusted by 300+ brands.

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We are literally all you need to scale your Whatsapp business

Connect your whole business to WhatsApp, get verified with green tick and boost your sales using marketing tools

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Arjun Vaidya - Dr Vaidya

Arjun Vaidya


Founder | Dr Vaidya’s


@BoB– “As the D2C ecosystem evolves, enablers become very important. Really excited to see what the BusinessOnBot team is building to provide a seamless, hassle free customer experience and I’m proud to support them on this journey!”

6:16 pm · 17 Aug 2021

Abhinav Saraogi

Abhinav Saraogi


CEO’s Office @ Pee Safe

Our journey with BusinessOnBot started ~1 year back. The team is spearheading how retention marketing and conversational e commerce is shaping up in the D2C industry. With an exceptionally supportive and dedicated team, BusinessOnBot has enabled Pee Safe to enhance repeat purchases, acquire new customers and enable commerce via WhatsApp. Amazing experience working with the entire team.

1:38 pm · 9 Aug 2022

Arjun Doshi

Arjun Doshi

Founder | Cuddles For Cubs

BusinessOnBot has been great decision for Cuddles for Cubs. There team has been very supportive and helpful in understanding our businesses requirements and cater to them. To mention few people, Atiq from their team have been our point of contact and has been guiding us through out journey in adopting WhatsApp as a new user acquisition and distribution channel. 

4:36 pm · 14 Dec 2021


Piyush Mathankar

Customer Retention | Happilo

BusinessOnBot’s reward widget has been an amazing addition to our Shopify store. The integration has aided us in three ways: to acquire customers, increase customer retention, and drive repeat purchases in a very cost effective manner. In a span of one week since we integrated, we have acquired more than 2,000 customers.

11:52 am · 24 March 2023

Abhijeet Kanji - KNYA MED

Abhijeet Kaji

Founder | KNYA Med

BusinessOnBot team are building an effective WhatsApp tool and are at the cusp of D2C 2.0 in India. Their product has helped KNYA Med in WhatsApp commerce, customer service and marketing. They are open to feedback and are fast iterating their product to build the best tool out there”

Santosh Shitole

Santosh Shitole


Founder | Photo Express

BusinessOnBot – Friends I am existing client who is getting onboarded.

Selected them after evaluating 3 to 4 solutions – its a tough task as everybody claims they are best. Apart from assisted sales, Support & others is their affiliate automation on WhatsApp + Retargeting which helps scale and get more business.

Hope this helps you all while evaluating things and watch out on points that I had mentioned.

2:17 pm · 1 Feb 2022

Shrawan Daga

Shrawan Daga

Founder | Krishna’s


Herbal& Ayurveda

BusinessOnBot team is helping Krishna Ayurveda immensely in leveraging WhatsApp adoption. They have helped us tackle the high RTO issues and improved our conversion rate by many folds. There customer support has also  been reachable and available 24/7 whenever we are stuck, and above all they are doing all this at the fraction of the cost of other companies that approached us.  

2:47 pm · 2 Sept 2022

Avinash Shararat

Avinash Sharma


Building Shararat | IIM-C |


Symbiosis | D2C |

 Thank you Oindrila for the wonderful presentation today. I must compliment you and BoB team for understanding true pain points of D2C brands and trying to provide relevant solutions.

Prashant Srikanthan

Prashant Srikanthan

Founder | Bulk Aroma

@BoB – You are rockstars!!!

11:52 am · 19 Apr 2022


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