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Best LimeChat Alternative : BusinessOnBot Vs LimeChat

By: Yukta Debnath

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As a D2C brand, it is hard to attract customers to shop from you. Facebook Ads are only getting expensive as we talk. You are competing with other like-minded businesses, therefore, you must go the extra mile. You not only need to acquire more customers but also retain them cost-effectively. This is why the adoption of WhatsApp is crucial for D2C brands who wish to give their customers the right service and experience. LimeChat has been providing WhatsApp marketing bots for a very long to customers. But with the growing demand for WhatsApp as a Selling and Distribution channel, LimeChat has failed to catch up with its product. As a result, people switched over to LimeChat alternatives like BusinessOnBot to get a better revenue generation solution.

WhatsApp adoption begins with integrating it into your eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, or Magento. LimeChat only supports websites built with Shopify, unlike BusinessOnBot, which supports all three. Also, If you have a website, you need to ensure that you have a system in place that not only helps in support & raising a ticket. But is also capable of driving Sales and Revenue.

Adding a WhatsApp Shop flow is crucial for Indian and Latin markets. It has become a crucial part of people’s lives here. Like Facebook & Instagram, your business should know how to take advantage of the WhatsApp userbase and which provider to use in doing so. For instance, the WhatsApp business API platform you choose should offer features that will help you-

  • Increase LTV,
  • Reduce user acquisition costs
  • Make buying experience seamless.

Many AI chatbots fail to respond as desired and always require human intervention, defeating their purpose. As a legit distribution channel like FB and insta, WhatsApp ought to be looked at by D2C founders beyond the chatbot glasses.

To help you decide below is a comparison of LimeChat and its best alternative BusinessOnBot. This article aims to show some of the features they offer

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WhatsApp Commerce – 🏆

User Acquisition with Shop – 🏆

Multi Channel Agent Chat – 🏆

Notification – 🏆

Re-Targeting Workflow – 🏆

Plugins & Integrations – 🏆

Payment Options – 🏆

Pricing – 🏆

🚫 LimeChat

🚫 – WhatsApp Commerce

🚫  – User Acquisition with Shop

🏆 – Multi Channel Agent Chat

🚫 – Notification

🏆 – Re-Targeting Workflow

🚫 – Plugins & Integrations

🚫 – Payment Options 

🚫 – Pricing

whatsapp commerce flow
"As the D2C ecosystem evolves, enablers become very important. Really excited to see what the BusinessOnBot team is building to provide a seamless, hassle-free customer experience and I’m proud to support them on this journey!”
Arjun Vaidya - Dr Vaidya
Arjun Vaidya

WhatsApp Commerce

Category Winner


WhatsApp isn’t just a platform that allows you to communicate with your audience. Through BusinessOnBot Vernacular Commerce, you can showcase your products to existing and new customers. You can have it integrated into your eCommerce platform with a simple plugin and showcase your products and services on WhatsApp.

BusinessOnBot(BoB) will ensure you automate the upselling, buying, and retargeting process. It guarantees a seamless procedure of catalog automation, flow building, and attracting more customers.

🚫 LimeChat

LimeChat allows for the integration of WhatsApp. You can then foster communication with your potential customers. These customers will be able to view your catalog with help of assisted agents or AI. Bringing some interest in purchasing them. Customers also get a chance to receive updates on their delivery and shipping status.

LimeChat’s conversational chatbot with WhatsApp integration will handle all that automatically. In a situation when an AI breaks agent has to take over to complete the purchase or solve a customer query.

User Acquisition with Shop

Category Winner


You intend to use your fantastic product to disrupt a new market, right? You can discover that inventing the product, packaging, and logistics takes up most of your time. Therefore, you want to hunt for a partner who handles both your marketing and user acquisition. That’s exactly what BusinessOnBot does.

They also assist you in marketing to your current consumer base using WhatsApp. But they will also assist you in acquiring New Users in regional vernacular with their exclusive attribute-based user acquisition tools. Many D2C brands have been using this feature for acquisition.

🚫 LimeChat

LimeChat does not provide the feature of Acquiring new customers. You have to provide LimeChat with your existing contact list to run marketing campaigns and resolve tickets. The scope of growing the market segment is negligible

Multi-Channel Agent Chat

If for your business having Multichannel Agent Chat is a priority, then you can’t go wrong with both of them. Both of these companies as of now only provide WhatsApp Agent Chat. However, both have Instagram/Facebook Agent Chat in development. This feature once launched will help you manage agent chats from WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook all in one place. 

Category Winner (Tie)


  • Customers might raise queries and some concerns. As a business owner, you must ensure that you respond to those concerns as soon as possible.
  • BusinessOnBot provides multi-channel agent chat that tackles this issue. It makes sure your customer support team can attend to all the issues raised by your customers in no time.
  • This is done not only for WhatsApp, but for Facebook, and Instagram as well.
  • You can have different agents best suited for the various questions your customers might have.
  • You can enjoy agent routing, monitoring agents, assisted sales modules, multiple agent logins, and much more.

Category Winner (Tie)

🚫 LimeChat

  • Like the BusinessOnBot feature, LimeChat also allows you to keep in touch with your customers via WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. 
  • You can have different agents best suited for the various questions your customers might have.


Category Winner


  • Notify customers regarding abandoned carts. You can send up to 4 customizable pings
  • Send order confirmation notifications
  • Update customers on delivery/ shipping status
  • Create branded stickers
  • Facilitate COD Confirmation. Allow COD conversion to online payment using rewards/discounts
  • Create WhatsApp Campaigns with stickers, Gifs, videos, and images.

🚫 LimeChat

  • Send automated product reminders
  • Notify customers about abandoned carts
  • Send delivery/ shipping updates

Re-targeting Workflow

Category Winner (Tie)


  • Get customer reviews displayed on your website directly from WhatsApp.
  • Send automated nudges to dormant customers regarding their previous orders. This can be don’t for frequent shoppers who went dormant a while ago. 
  • Notify customers about their abandoned carts using up to 4 custom pings.
  • Send out reordering notifications for various products at different time intervals. This can be used for products that require reoccurring purchase like toothpaste.
  • Send targeted nudges to user with specific behavior or purchase to boost your sales.

Category Winner (Tie)

🚫 LimeChat

  • Use chat retention campaigns to recover abandoned carts and increase repeat sales
  • Automated post-purchase communications using SMS and WhatsApp to enforce customer loyalty.
  • Send automated responses to queries, shipping and order confirmation updates
  • Send personalized win-back campaigns
  • Use smart customer segmentation to enhance customer retention. You can send personalized messages to previous buyers.


Plugins and Integrations

Category Winner


  • Integration with Shopify, WooCommerce, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Magento, and Google Sheets
  • Applying website discounts/ coupons on WhatsApp
  • Ability to cross-sell with your website

🚫 LimeChat

  • Supports Integration Shopify, Facebook, and Instagram

Payment Options

Category Winner


  • Integration of payment methods such as Cashfree and Razorpay
  • Can use UPI – payment systems
  • Set up a business account where you can receive money

🚫 LimeChat

Data Not Available



  • Official WhatsApp Account/ API 
  • Green Tick Verification and Assistance ✅
  • Automated WhatsApp Commerce Shop with Website Integration
  • Automated WhatsApp notifications
  • Shipping Update Integration with Shopify, etc.
  • FAQ bot with product intelligence​
  • Multi–Agent chat support
  • Retargeting workflows
    – Abandoned cart – 🛒
    – Feedback – ❤️
    – COD confirmation – 💳
    – Customer WinBack
    – Re-ordering (SKU based)
  • Analytics and performance tracking 📈
  • Scheduled campaigns
  • Admin & Agent Roles


  • WhatsApp API approval and setup
  • Green tick verification
  • WhatsApp Commerce (Manual – Agent handover after the first message)
  • Chat automation (Welcome Message)
  • One Time bulk WhatsApp notification campaigns
  • Level 3 AI Replies for FAQs
  • Shared Team Inbox 
  • Triggering Notifications with a delay 
  • 5000 tickets/ month
  • Pre-Configured Automation Workflows
  • Shopify Integrations
  • Roles & Permissions
  • Support on Live Chat
  • Analytics & Agent Performance Reports


If you plan to use WhatsApp as a Sales & User Acquisition channel, then BusinessOnBot’s features will be ideal for you. If your main goal with WhatsApp is support and ticket resolution, LimeChat may be a good choice. Pricing-wise as well, BusinessOnBot seems to be providing bank for the buck at just ₹7800. Whereas LimeChat seems to be lacking some important features for the price of ₹24,349 and feels a bit overpriced.

BusinessOnBot is best suited to help you achieve Sales and New Users. With LimeChat, you can maintain communication with your customers through marketing and retargeting. With the integration of WhatsApp, you have a catalog to showcase your products. You can send updates to recover abandoned carts and reduce drop-off.

FAQ'S - BusinessOnBot Vs LimeChat

There is no better alternative to LimeChat than BusinessOnBot due to its wide range of features and customer support. This helps in ensuring New User Acquisition and customer satisfaction at a much cheaper pricing point.

LimeChat does not offer user acquisition with the shop. That means you cannot use it to get new customers. For BusinessOnBot, you have a medium to acquire new customers.

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