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By: Yukta Debnath

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Are you doing enough to keep up with the growth sprout in the D2C industry? Are you going beyond the usual Facebook, Shopify, and Woo-Commerce stores? Considering you are competing with like-minded individuals, how are you making the most out of your marketing budgets? Most D2C brands are adopting WhatsApp each passing day and looking for the best enabler to help them do so. In this blog, we will be discussing WhatsApp API, Zoko as an enabler, and Zoko Alternative –  BusinessOnBot.

The popularity of WhatsApp marketing has skyrocketed in recent months. Compared to e-mail marketing, WhatsApp claimed 2 billion active monthly users and 98 percent open rates in 2020. The high success rates of WhatsApp make it a highly viable solution. 

With the growth of WhatsApp as a channel for selling and distribution in the Indian market, there has been an endless choice of platforms to integrate with. Although most WhatsApp API platforms on the market are tailor built for startups you may still be unsure about which one to choose. For this we begin by asking about your needs, whether it is acquiring new users, creating a catalog, retrieving abandoned carts, or offering first-rate assistance.

It has been observed that WhatsApp APIs enablers like Zoko alternative- BusinessOnBot and Zoko itself seem to have similar offerings. But it can’t be further away from reality. Zoko lacks a lot of features like Complete WhatsApp Shop, New User Acquisition tools, endless integrations & much more.

To help you decide below is a comparison of Zoko & BusinessOnBot (Zoko alternative). This article aims to show some of the features they offer

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WhatsApp Commerce – 🏆

Multi Channel Agent Chat – 🏆

Notification – 🏆

Vernacular Support – 🏆

Re-Targeting Workflow – 🏆

Plugins & Integrations – 🏆

Payment Options – 🏆

Pricing – 🏆

🚫 Zoko

🚫 – WhatsApp Commerce Chat

🚫 – Multi Channel Agent Chat

🏆 – Notification

🚫 – Vernacular Support

🏆 – Re-Targeting Workflow

🚫 – Plugins & Integrations

🚫 – Payment Options 

🏆 – Pricing

whatsapp commerce flow
"As the D2C ecosystem evolves, enablers become very important. Really excited to see what the BusinessOnBot team is building to provide a seamless, hassle-free customer experience and I’m proud to support them on this journey!”
Arjun Vaidya - Dr Vaidya
Arjun Vaidya

WhatsApp Commerce

Category Winner


Never before has it been possible to display your entire catalog on WhatsApp. Brands like KNYA in apparel industry have 100s of skews and variations all setup on whatsapp. With BusinessOnBot, you can now showcase your entire product catalog automatically from any CSM platform. Just install a plugin, enabling client exposure to new products and helping businesses attract and retain customers. Consequently, soaring your customer’s outreach. 300+ D2C brands have already integrated with BusinessOnBot.

BusinessOnBot ensures everything is set up correctly, from the shop to the cart and down to the payment process. Additionally increasing your brand’s reliability with the green checkmark verification feature. Thus, revamping your business.

🚫 Zoko

Currently, Zoko doesn’t support fetching a personalized shop on WhatsApp from any CSM. It functions more like a chat support and notification system. It helps in showcasing products catalog but through help of agents manually.

Multi-Channel Agent Chat

If for your business having Multichannel Agent Chat is a priority, then you can’t go wrong with both of them. Both Zoko & Zoko alternative- BusinessOnBot as of now only provide WhatsApp Agent Chat. However, both have Instagram/Facebook Agent Chat in development. This feature once launched will help you manage agent chats from WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook all in one place. 

Category Winner


When a buyer asks a question about a product, their purchasing intent is at its highest. In this scenario, a prompt response is crucial; failing to do so could result in you losing a crucial client. Therefore, having multiple agents on board is essential. BusinessOnBot gives you access to,

  • Limitless Agent with Assisted Sales
  • Agent routing as per user need
  • Trained commerce AI for support
  • Reduced resolution time
  • Unlimited Agents on a single WhatsApp number
  • Effortless user onboarding.
  • Manual order execution by Agent.
  • Team hierarchy permission/login
  • Individual agent performance tracking
  • Automated AI replies

🚫 Zoko

  • Manual replies
  • Auto Chat Distribution
  • Agent routing as per user need
  • Unlimited Agents on a single WhatsApp number
  • Manual order execution by Agent.
  • Team hierarchy permission/login


Category Winner (Tie)


  • You can use BusinessOnBot to send out pings like
    • Shipment Notice
    • Feedback
    • COD confirmation
    • Reordering
    • Order cancellation/confirmation
    • Abandoned cart
  • Each process is configurable and sends notifications automatically.
  • Discounts and reward notifications.

Category Winner (Tie)


  • Zoko also provide many of these pings but not available for WooCommerce merchants.
  • Zoko’s dashboard UI is optimized to help sending out notifications for smaller businesses very easy and convenient. 

Vernacular Support

Category Winner


The support system is strengthened with unprecedented vernacular support in 8+ Indian languages via autonomous AI bots. Remember, it’s not just about assistance; excellent chat help dramatically boosts conversions.

🚫 Zoko

There is no automatic vernacular support provided by Zoko.

Re-targeting Workflow

Category Winner (Tie)


Customers are the lifeblood of every business, so nurturing a relationship with them through sending alerts about new items, upselling, and follow-ups are essential. BusinessOnBot completes this task by re-targeting users and accomplishes this with the help of;

  • Recommendation bot
  • Cross-sell and up-sell bot.
  • Interest-Based Targeting
  • Rich media marketing campaigns


Category Winner (Tie)


Zoko is equally aggressive in Re-Targetting. Some of its primary goals are sending follow-up emails to potential customers, cross-selling, and expanding the clientele. It is a took made for specifically marketing and thus is great for Re-targeting, not so much for selling.

Plugins and Integrations

Category Winner


  • Integration with Shopify, WooCommerce, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Magento, and Google Sheets
  • Applying website discounts/ coupons on WhatsApp
  • Ability to cross-sell with your website

🚫 Zoko

Zoko is renowned for having a speedy and clean user interface; however, there is no way to integrate it with a woo-commerce or Magenta store. 

Payment Options

Category Winner


BusinessOnBot provides-

  • Direct order completion via WhatsApp with an integrated payments system.
  • Uses Razorpay and Cashfree as payment options.
  • Direct collection of payments into your company bank account.
  • UPI payment transfers are available.

🚫 Zoko

Data Not Available



  • Official WhatsApp Account/ API 
  • Green Tick Verification and Assistance ✅
  • Automated WhatsApp Commerce Shop with Website Integration
  • Automated WhatsApp notifications
  • Shipping Update Integration with Shopify, etc.
  • FAQ bot with product intelligence​
  • Multi–Agent chat support
  • Retargeting workflows
    – Abandoned cart – 🛒
    – Feedback – ❤️
    – COD confirmation – 💳
    – Customer WinBack
    – Re-ordering (SKU based)
  • Analytics and performance tracking 📈
  • Scheduled campaigns
  • Admin & Agent Roles


  • Multiple Agents
  • Marketing Broadcasts
  • Quick Replies
  • WhatsApp Chat Widget
  • Customer Tags
  • Cart Recovery Bot
  • COD Confirmation Bot
  • Review Collection Bot
  • Free Prebuilt Workflows
  • Free Apps


In conclusion, for broader business expansion, concrete actions should be taken by finalizing any of the WhatsApp ecommerce platforms. Zoko has been great in usability but lack a lot of features. On the other hand Zoko alternative, BusinessOnBot is loaded with a variety of cutting-edge features like, creating comple shopping experience on WhatsApp, Coupon Integration, New User Acquisition. These features go well beyond what you might imagine for your business and can be connected with most e-commerce sites, increasing conversion rates.

On the other hand, Zoko is excellent for chat support, marketing broadcasts, and quick answers to client questions.

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FAQ'S - BusinessOnBot Vs Zoko

Yes, BusinessOnBot and Zoko offer analytics consoles where tracking of customer activity and traffic statistics is available with just a click.

Signing up with any of the WhatsApp API systems makes you their Agent. This access is further distributed to your team with expert advice to boost sales.

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