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Planning to take your D2C business on WhatsApp and start leveraging it to have more sales, Great! But now comes the question, which enabler to choose? The market is filled with many options providing a variety of features. For Example, some have great agent chat, others have human-like AI chatbots and some have it all. The two enablers that shine among all with their list of features and credibility are Interakt & Best Interakt Alternative “BusinessOnBot”. 

To summarize both products in a sentence. Interakt is a Jio Haptik Product and BusinessOnBot is a Y-Combinator backed StartUp. Nonetheless, both of these products have a good client base and a lot of history to back their credibility. In this comparison, we will try to find out the differences between these two WhatsApp Business API platforms.

We will be dividing this post into different categories and choosing a winner for each category. This will help you decide for yourself which enabler to choose from based on the features that matter the most to you.

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WhatsApp Commerce – 🏆

User Acquisition with Shop – 🏆

Multi Channel Agent Chat – 🏆

Customer Satisfaction – 🏆

Notification – 🏆

Re-Targeting Workflow – 🏆

Plugins & Integrations – 🏆

Payment Options – 🏆

Pricing – 🏆

🚫 Interakt

🚫  – WhatsApp Commerce

🚫  – User Acquisition with Shop

🏆 – Multi Channel Agent Chat

🚫  – Customer Satisfaction

🏆 – Notification

🚫  – Re-Targeting Workflow

🚫  – Plugins & Integrations

🚫  – Payment Options 

🏆 – Pricing

whatsapp commerce flow
"As the D2C ecosystem evolves, enablers become very important. Really excited to see what the BusinessOnBot team is building to provide a seamless, hassle-free customer experience and I’m proud to support them on this journey!”
Arjun Vaidya - Dr Vaidya
Arjun Vaidya

WhatsApp Commerce

Category Winner


WhatsApp commerce is the term used to define selling your catalog of products on WhatsApp. BusinessOnBot(BOB) should be your go-to choice if you are planning to use Automated WhatsApp Commerce.

Their customizable flow allows you to train a Level 3 AI for FAQs and automate the whole buying, retargeting, and upselling process. This includes User Acquisition, Automated Catalog and Cart to Payment processing right inside of WhatsApp. Also, the flow restrains from sending users to the website and promotes the payment inside of WhatsApp. This leads to reduced drop-offs and increased conversions.

In case of any unforeseen event, BoB also supports agent handover and lets an agent complete the flow manually. They have rolled out this feature and have successfully tested it with many D2C brands.

🚫 Interakt

Interakt is also trying to develop a fully automated Ai WhatsApp commerce flow. But as of now(April 2022) they only have Manual Agent WhatsApp Commerce in their feature stack. This process is very inefficient for a scaling startup as it requires a lot of manual work. In fact, not only does it increase the chances of human error but the cost of maintenance is very high. So we would not suggest going with Interakt if you looking for an automated WhatsApp Commerce flow.

User Acquisition with Shop

Category Winner


You are planning on disrupting a new market with your awesome product, right? You might find yourself spending your time innovating the product, packaging, and logistics. Therefore, you should look for a partner that takes care of your user acquisition as well as marketing. BusinessOnBot does exactly that.

Not only do they help you Market on WhatsApp to your existing customer database. But through their Proprietary Attribution-Based User Acquisition Tools, they will help you acquire New Users in vernacular as well. This feature has been in deployment with many D2C brands for acquisition.

🚫 Interakt

Feature Not Available! As of now Interakt does not provide any medium to acquire New Customers.

Multi-Channel Agent Chat

If for your business having Multichannel Agent Chat is a priority, then you can’t go wrong with both of them. Both of these companies as of now only provide WhatsApp Agent Chat. However, both have Instagram/Facebook Agent Chat in development. This feature once launched will help you manage agent chats from WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook all in one place. 

Category Winner (Tie)


  • Assisted Sales Module – Manual completion of the purchase by an agent with a catalog synced from Shopify.
  • Agent Routing – Customers are routed to agents based on their specialization in a particular field.
  • Admin/Agent logins – Different hierarchies of permission /access for agents and admins.
  • Track individual agent for resolution time and feedback.

Category Winner (Tie)


  • Team collaboration with conversation labels & private notes
  • Manage customer expectations with Welcome messages, OOO messages, and delayed response messages
  • Track response & resolution times of agents


Category Winner (Tie)


  • WhatsApp Campaign with Media(Images/Videos/Gifs and Stickers)
  • Abandoned Cart – (4 Customizable pings)
  • COD Confirmation – Notification to convert COD to online payment using discount/rewards.
  • Order Confirmation Notifications
  • Shipping/Delivery Updates
  • Branded Stickers sticker interakt alternative

Category Winner (Tie)


  • Manage customer expectations with OOO, Delayed and Welcome notifications
  • Trigger automatic WhatsApp messages when your customer takes an action (or doesn’t!)
  • Save time & effort by adding Custom-replies for FAQ’s
  • Automated reminders for abandoned carts.

Re-targeting Workflow

Category Winner


  • Cross-sell nudges – Pre and Post Sales Upsell Nudges.
  • Review flow with Website Integration – Get review from your customers for every single order and showcase it to the world on your website.
  • Re-ordering (SKU based) – Send our Re-ordering notifications with different time intervals for different products. Ex: Re-ordering notification send for Shampoo in 14 days and 25 days for Toothpaste)
  • Abandoned Cart – Send up to 4 custom pings with custom intervals to a user as soon as he leaves a cart abandoned. 
  • Customer Winback – Send nudges to dormant customers automatically based on previous orders. 

🚫 Interakt

Interakt has a basic Re-targeting flow that allows you to ping customers up to 3 times, It provides with basic notification messages and delayed pings.

Plugins and Integrations

Category Winner


  • Integration with Shopify/Magento/WooCommerce, Google Sheets.
  • Cross-Selling flow Integration with the website.
  • Ability to apply coupons/discounts right inside of WhatsApp.

🚫 Interakt

Supports Integration with Shopify and WooCommerce.

Payment Options

Category Winner


  • Integration with payment providers like Razorpay and Cashfree.
  • Integration with your business account, money is sent directly to you.
  • Ability to use UPI-based payments – add deep links of Paytm, etc.

🚫 Interakt

Data Not Available



  • Official WhatsApp Account/ API 
  • Green Tick Verification and Assistance ✅
  • Automated WhatsApp Commerce Shop with Website Integration
  • Automated WhatsApp notifications
  • Shipping Update Integration with Shopify, etc.
  • FAQ bot with product intelligence​
  • Multi–Agent chat support
  • Retargeting workflows
    – Abandoned cart – 🛒
    – Feedback – ❤️
    – COD confirmation – 💳
    – Customer WinBack
    – Re-ordering (SKU based)
  • Analytics and performance tracking 📈
  • Scheduled campaigns
  • Admin & Agent Roles


  • WhatsApp API approval and setup
  • Green tick verification
  • WhatsApp Commerce (Manual – Agent handover after the first message)
  • Automated WhatsApp notifications
  • One Time bulk WhatsApp notification campaigns
  • Triggering Notifications with a delay 
  • Custom Replies for FAQs
  • Shared Team Inbox 
  • Chat automation (Welcome Message)
  • Roles & Permissions
  • Conversation Analytics & Agent Performance Reports


To sum up, if you looking for sending basic bulk notifications with no automation & don’t plan on using an automated WhatsApp commerce shop. Then you should choose Interakt as your enabler, Interakt is half the price of BusinessOnBot. But the feature list is a lot shorter than half of that of BusinessOnBot and  poorer Customer Support.

BusinessOnBot, which in our comparison is the best interakt alternative, does have comprehensive features and great customer support. But it all comes at a slightly higher price than the rest of the competition. If you plan to stick with WhatsApp long term and use it as one of the main growth drivers, it’s better to go with BusinessOnBot. As your brands grow it will require more and more features and better customer support incase something breaks. Additionally, it will be a trouble switching your whole flow from Interakt to BusinessOnBot.

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FAQ'S - BusinessOnBot Vs Interakt

If you want to Acquire New Customers on WhatsApp and also have an Automated WhatsApp Commerce Store then it is better to go with BusinessOnBot.

No, Inteakt has manual/partially automated WhatsApp Commerce and Abandoned Cart Flow. It requires agent handover to complete the flow.

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