Creating Facebook Custom Audience with your Customer List

By: Yukta Debnath

Creating a Facebook Custom Audience based on a customer list helps to expand your reach.

Facebook Custom Audience are a great way to target your existing customers on Facebook. Any business needs to remind its customers of the goods and services offered. That Is an important way of ensuring customers do not shun your products. You can also advertise your products to your existing customer base. Let them know that you are still in operation and you have better products in store. That will raise your revenue. As customers continue to buy from you, you drive up your sales, courtesy of the reminders they get.

How do you remarket your business and products? First, you need to ensure you have a customer list. You must know how many customers you have at the moment. That allows you to create a custom audience using Facebook. 

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Facebook Advertising

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms. It facilitates communications and supports online marketing. Since many people use it, businesses can get their target customers. And that is crucial to the growth of any business. Being able to attract customers ensures that sales go up.

You can reach out to most of your clients through Facebook. All you need is to create a Facebook custom audience. How do you go about the entire process? You need a customer list with names, physical addresses, and email addresses. 

Using customer details will make it easier for you to get some of your customers on Facebook. You can now capitalize on Facebook to send your business and product ads. Many people are currently using Facebook. Be sure you will be able to connect with several customers on this social media platform.

Creating A Facebook Custom Audience

Targeting And Exclusion

You can choose to target or exclude an audience. To do so, navigate to the ad set and choose which audience you intend to target or exclude. You can combine multiple custom audiences and their lookalikes. Similarly you can exclude a list of custom audience you don’t wish wish to target.

Terms for Facebook Custom Audience

  • Use data that comes from your customers. These customers should be people who buy your goods and services. Ensure you have exclusive rights to use that customer data. You can use it as much as you want, but do not interfere with the data rights of your customers.
  • Get rid of customers who opt out of receiving promotional messages from you. At that juncture, you no longer need to target them. So there is no need to maintain their details.
  • Do not grant data access to unauthorized parties even if they are in the same industry.

How To Update Facebook Custom Audience

Facebook will not update your custom audiences. It is an initiative you must take to make any necessary updates. You can update the custom audience:

1. Manually:

Go to the audience lists. Select the Edit button. And there, you will have two options; to add or remove customers. Upload the CSV file of customers you intend to add or remove from the audience list.

2. Third-Party:

If you cannot update the custom audience manually, you can use a third party. But you have to incur some costs. It is the easiest way of updating your custom audience. Find the most reliable tool that will carry out the updates. You can capitalize on various options, such as DriftRick and Zapier.

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To Sum up..

Reach out to your customers in a better way with Facebook custom audience. You can create a customer segment you intend to target or exclude. It is beneficial when marketing your goods and services. All that is possible through your Facebook page. But, ensure you adhere to the set custom audience terms. Using a custom audience does come with various benefits. First, you will continue to create brand awareness. It helps in enhancing your sales. Targeting your customers reminds them about your goods and services. That strengthens customer loyalty since the customers will keep buying from you. 

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Reference: Jonloomer

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