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We are literally all you need to scale your Whatsapp business

Connect your whole business to WhatsApp, get verified with green tick and boost your sales using marketing tools

Just Plug & Go.

We’ll integrate your business in a few minutes to your favourate apps.

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Boost sales

by acquiring new users

Scale WhatsApp users

with vernacular support

Re-target Users

with personalised workflows


₹ 4900

Per month/ +taxes



₹ 7800

Per month/ +taxes


₹ 14999

Per month/ +taxes


Custom Pricing

Per month/ +taxes

Handpick Your Features

Custom Pricing

Per month/ +taxes

Handpick Your Features

Meet the Team


The Business guy


  • Scaled 1 million WhatsApp users in 6 months for a leading brand.
  • Passionate about Gaming and F1 Racing.
  • An IIT-Madras Alumnus

The Product Guy


  • Worked in SaaS helping young D2C businesses grow.
  • Fitness Freak and a Big Marvel Fan.
  • An IIT-Madras Alumnus

The Tech Guy


  • Powered Vernacular based AI for one of India’s largest banks.
  • Will give you movie recommendations.
  • An IIT-Madras Alumnus

The Voice of BoB

Prof. Mitesh

  • Prof. Mitesh Khapra is founder of Ai4 Bharat Foundation
  • Pioneer of NLP in Indian Language
  • IIT-Madras Professor

Meet the Team

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