Enhancing Conversational Commerce using WhatsApp for Business

By: Yukta Debnath

Conversational commerce can be made simple for Businesses with WhatsApp - all communications are end-to-end encrypted and secure.

One thing about WhatsApp is that it has a high number of active users. Over 2 Billion people use WhatsApp to communicate in at least 180 countries. For businesses, the application provides an opportunity to engage with customers and market their merchandise through conversational commerce. However, there is always a catch. The business needs to attract customers first. And that is through reaching out to customers and being able to market their goods and services with a lot of ease.

Customer engagement is something that every business needs to take seriously. And this is where Whatsapp conversational commerce comes in handy. As a business owner, you initiate a conversation with your potential customer and inquire about their needs. Besides, this is a great way of achieving customer satisfaction. You can simply collect feedback from your customers to identify areas you need to improve regarding the quality of your products.

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WhatsApp Business allows businesses to engage their customers by holding conversations that, in the end, translate into successful transactions. At this juncture, you have to understand the tastes and preferences of your customers. Holding conversations with them allows you to read into your customers. You can also ask them about the areas they require you to improve. Such feedback will be crucial in your quest to achieve customer satisfaction.

The Benefits Of Conversational Commerce

1. Engaging Customers

Businesses need to understand the demands of their customers. What better way to do so than to hold conversations with them? Through WhatsApp, you can converse with your customers and let them know what you have to offer. Besides, you can get reactions from your customers regarding your products. Therefore, you get to the root cause of why some product is not performing as per your expectations. So, you take the necessary steps to enhance the product’s features to make it more sellable.

2. Productive Relationships

Conversational commerce allows you to create relationships beneficial to your business. By engaging with your customers, there is the fondness that you create. Besides, you get to engage with your customers at a personal level. Therefore, it becomes easier to customize your products to suit customers.

3. Providing Real-time Solutions

WhatsApp allows Realtime conversations. It provides quick responses. Therefore, you can solve your client’s problems within the shortest time possible. Customers will raise their concerns through the conversations you have as you put the necessary mitigation measures to solve the issue at hand. Besides, customers with quizzes about a product can get instant feedback or clarity.

4. Instant Updates

Customers need to be notified about the status of their deliveries. They also need to learn of upcoming offers, products, services or promotions. This is possible through WhatsApp conversational commerce. So, customers can keep track of your business’s going on. So, market penetration for a new product becomes pretty much easier.

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How To Enhance WhatsApp Conversational Commerce for Business?

1. Keep Off From Spamming Customers

While using WhatsApp business, you have to provide relevant information to your customers. If you are addressing their concerns, ensure you stick to that route. If you are marketing your products or services, do not bombard them with useless information. Doing so ensures you do not lose your customers. Most importantly, they will be willing to anticipate receiving updates from you.

2. Capitalize On Opt-Ins And Opt-Outs

Opt-ins allow your customers to consent to receive messages from you on WhatsApp regarding your business. You can send them updates about new products you are bringing into the market. You can also inform them about their product delivery status. There should also be the option for customers to opt-out if they do not want to continue receiving such messages from you. Such a clear opt-in ad opt-out strategy will enable you to leverage conversational commerce using WhatsApp.

3. Providing Informative Content

Conversations with your customers will become productive if you provide them with engaging and informative content. Desist from spamming them since it is a turn-off. Focus on enlightening your customers about your products or services. Let them know which brand best works for them. And most importunately, provide them with answers to their quizzes.

4. Instant Response

To keep your conversations coming with customers, you have to provide quick responses. This enables you to not only solve their issues in a short while but also keep them engaged in your conversations. Fortunately, WhatsApp Business API allows you to insert chatbots that can provide quick responses to your customers.

5. Use A Conversational Tone

If you want to understand your customers well and at a personal level, you must use a tone that relates well with them. Use a friendly tone to make them feel free to ask you questions. That allows you to build a rapport or productive relationship with customers. However, do not go overboard. Ensure you also remain professional since you are in business. Your customers need to take you seriously.

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To wind things up....

More businesses are now taking advantage of WhatsApp business to interact with their customers in various ways to identify their needs and hence provide viable solutions. Businesses can now share critical information with the customers they are targeting. It is possible through instant notifications, which update clients on what to expect from a particular business. Besides, it is now possible to automate your customer support as a business owner. 

By providing WhatsApp Business API, BusinessOnBot can assist you in leveraging WhatsApp Conversational Commerce for your business and make a significant difference in customer engagement.

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