How D2C Businesses Can Benefit From Just In Time Inventory Management

By: Yukta Debnath

Using Just-in-Time Inventory Management, we make sure there is just the right amount of inventory available when we need it.

Why Just In Time Inventory Management System Is Ideal For D2C Businesses.

Businesses must ensure that they are properly stocked with the products their customers might need. Your store should make it easy for customers to order products they prefer when they come knocking at your door. Any time they find no product, it will not look good on your business. You can easily lose a loyal customer.

Inventory management is not just about keeping track of the amount of inventory you have on hand but also about making sure that all your products are available at all times. To achieve this goal, companies need to set up a system that will help them efficiently manage their inventory. Just In Time Inventory Management System is one such system that helps companies achieve higher productivity, lower costs, better customer satisfaction, and more profits.

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What is Just In Time Inventory Management?

Just In Time Inventory Management System is a method of managing inventory that aims to optimize inventory levels by reducing the time between placing an order and receiving a product.

Just In Time Inventory Management System is based on the idea that when an organization has no inventory, it can respond quickly to customer demand. This reduces waste, which lowers costs and increases profits. It also allows companies to avoid carrying large amounts of inventory with them at all times, which can be expensive and dangerous.

The Just In Time Inventory Management System requires companies to have clear communication among all departments involved in order to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. 

In order to implement Just In Time Inventory Management System successfully, organizations need to have a good understanding of their current processes as well as an understanding of how different departments operate together.

Just in Time Inventory Management System consists of three basic parts:

  • A central warehouse where all the material is stored and processed. This warehouse should be located near to the production facility so that it can be easily replenished when required.
  • A production facility where the material is processed into finished goods.
  • A distribution center which distributes the finished goods to customers through sales channels or stores owned by the company or its distributors

Benefits of Just In Time Inventory Management System

1. Reduced Inventory Costs:

his system reduces the amount of money spent on inventory because you are not buying more than what you need at any given time. The reason behind this is that it prevents wastage or overbuying, which means you will not have leftover items lying around in storage rooms or warehouses. 

2. Improved Availability of Materials and Products:

In addition to reducing costs associated with storing materials, Just In Time  also enhances the availability of materials and products because companies can respond quickly when customers place orders. Suppose there is an interruption in production due to a lack of parts or supplies. In that case, there will be no shortage since they can be delivered quickly from suppliers without having to wait on them at a warehouse or storeroom location.

3. Increase productivity and reduce waste:

If you want to increase productivity, then implementing a Just In Time Inventory Management System can help you achieve this goal easily. Businesses today are adopting lean manufacturing techniques which means reducing waste and increasing output per worker hour. With this approach, businesses are able to cut down on production time which results in increased productivity.

4. Reduced storage space:

With the Just in time inventory management system, companies can reduce the amount of storage space needed for their products because they only store parts in just-in-time quantities. This saves them from having large storage spaces where they need to keep items that they don’t use frequently enough or at all times.

just in time inventory management

5. Reliable Customer Support Services

Just in time system allows the company to respond quickly when they need something or if there is a sudden change in demand for their product or service. Of course, this means that they must have enough inventory on hand at all times so they do not miss out on an opportunity. 

If they have questions regarding your product, you can provide answers as soon as possible. And that is what most customers want. They want a business owner who understands them and is ready to address their issues about the product they intend to order. So, providing reliable customer services will not be a challenge.

6. Efficient Supply Chain Management

As a business owner, you must take charge of the supply chain. You have to ensure that you have the needed products whenever a customer requires it. That is why using the just in time inventory management system is the right way to go. You only provide a product when a customer needs it. Therefore, you can determine when there is demand for a particular product. You do not have to deal with redundant stock since you will not have to incur high inventory costs whereby you are forced to produce more goods, yet the sales are not appealing. But with just in time inventory management system, it is easier to take charge of the supply chain. 

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To Sum up..

The proper inventory management system is beneficial for the management of a firm. The Just in time Inventory Management System is done with perfect planning and execution. This is having a tremendous impact on the performance of the company. Further, the Just In Time Inventory Management way does not waste money as it is performed on demand. We can be certain that this inventory management way will make any business very successful in the future.

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