How does WhatsApp broadcast differ from WhatsApp group?

By: Yukta Debnath

WhatsApp groups are meant to allow for two-way communication. between members. Whereas WhatsApp broadcast is made for one-way communication.

WhatsApp does offer various features that are critical to enhancing communication on this social media platform. Businesses can benefit from those features, especially when enhancing interactions with their customers. You can form a WhatsApp group whereby you can reach out to many of your customers at once. The messages you share in the group will be accessible to all group members. They can also reply to those messages, and all will see the replies.

Besides, there is the WhatsApp broadcast. This feature allows you to send messages to a specific number of customers. However, most people tend to mistake WhatsApp broadcasts for the WhatsApp group. However, they are different in their own right.

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WhatsApp Group

A WhatsApp group is a chatroom whereby participants get to send messages seen by everyone. It can be used especially when it comes to communicating with a lot of people. Business owners can use the WhatsApp group when marketing their goods or services. The group can have potential customers interested in purchasing your goods and services.

WhatsApp groups can also be a great avenue for hosting discussions and making plans. For instance, if there is an upcoming trip, those who are to be part of it can form a WhatsApp group where they can make the necessary plans seamlessly.

WhatsApp Broadcast

Even though WhatsApp broadcast might involve sending messages to multiple people, a significant difference sets it apart from the WhatsApp group. With WhatsApp broadcast, you can send private messages to certain recipients. The sender’s message can only be seen and read by the receiver. Therefore, there is some level of privacy that comes with WhatsApp broadcasts. And that is suitable, especially when you are targeting specific customers.

You have to develop a WhatsApp broadcast list by selecting those you want to message or send multimedia attachments to. Once you are done, simply hit the send options.

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Why WhatsApp Broadcast Is Different From WhatsApp Group?

What differentiates a WhatsApp Broadcast from a WhatsApp Group conversation is that participants are unaware of each other. In a typical WhatsApp group, everyone knows who else is in the group.

Below are a few more differences between these two media:

1. Total number of people in a WhatsAppgroup/broadcast

There is a limit of 256 individuals in a WhatsApp Group. If you have a large number of clients, you will need to create many groups. A WhatsApp Broadcast list, on the contrary, has no restriction.

2. The authority to send messages

Only you can send a message to a WhatsApp Broadcast list. If a consumer responds, the conversation will be one-on-one. Any group member can send a message to the rest of the group, and the rest of the group can see it.

3. Admin

You are the only admin in WhatsApp Broadcast, and there is no way to add someone as an extra admin. On the other hand, you can choose various admins in a WhatsApp Group.

4. Chat history

All of your broadcast messages will be automatically saved in the one-on-one chat history. A WhatsApp Group, on the other hand, will not have this capability. Starring a communication in a WhatsApp group will save it.

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5. When someone blocks you

Those who have blocked you won’t see your broadcast message. If you are in the same group as someone who has blocked you, they will be able to see anything you submit to the group. If you have blocked someone, you will be able to see all their messages in the group.

6. Message recipient

To receive messages in a WhatsApp Group, members do not need to add you to their phone address book. They have access to anything in the group as long as they are in it.

A WhatsApp Broadcast message can only reach someone if your name is in their address book. Check your delivered list to see who added or removed your name from their address book.

7. Responded

WhatsApp Groups send a single response to all members. A reply to a WhatsApp Broadcast message is only sent to the recipient’s private conversation.

8. Exits from your broadcast list/group

Any member of a WhatsApp Group can leave at any moment, and the remaining of the group may get alerted. You can’t “leave the broadcast list” on WhatsApp, but users can delete your contact details to prevent further unsolicited messages. You only find out if someone on your list repeatedly fails to receive your messages.

To conclude....

Reaching out to customers is something that many businesses tend to struggle with. However, with the inception of social media platforms such as WhatsApp, it has become easy to foster customer engagements. WhatsApp allows you to send messages to a large number of customers at once. You can form a WhatsApp group with direct access to your potential customers. You can share information regarding your goods and services at once in that group. Besides, you can also use WhatsApp broadcast to target specific or individual customers. You can come up with messages that are different from one customer to another. There is a high level of privacy that WhatsApp broadcast has to offer. And that is essential in communicating to customers and boosting your sales.

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