How To Boost Sales Using WhatsApp For Business?

By: Yukta Debnath

Using WhatsApp for business, we are able to reach our customers quickly and effectively. A fine example of how technology creates a customer-centric experience."

Increase Sales Using WhatsApp For Business

WhatsApp for business is a platform you can use to attract customers and sell on WhatsApp. However, it is not always a walk in the park. Consider these factors if you want to have interested buyers visit your online store and place their order.

So, what do you need to do to sell on WhatsApp for business and make a fortune when it comes to sales?

Many businesses are embracing WhatsApp for business because it gives them a wider customer reach. However, to tap into that market space, there are guidelines you need to learn by heart. You do not just open a WhatsApp business account and start getting customers right away. You might be lucky to get a few customers, but retaining them and even getting more to visit your store can be hard to crack. That is not a situation you intend to find yourself in. That is why you need to do the following:

1. Send Promotional Messages

Promoting your business ensures that you can create awareness about your goods and services. Customers need to know the products they are offering before developing an interest in buying them. But you should not nag your potential customers with promotional messages without their consent. That is why you have to capitalize on WhatsApp business opt-ins. They ensure that you get consent from your potential customers to allow you to send them promotional messages via WhatsApp. In that connection, they will always know what you have in store for them.

WhatsApp for business gives you access to promotional message templates that you can use to market your business. You can customize these templates to convey important messages about your products and pricing. Therefore, it is a creative way of attracting more customers and triggering impulse buying.

2. Real-time Customer Support

Customers will come to you with questions and concerns. As a business owner, solving those issues is up to you. You need to have a customer support team that works around the clock to give your customers real-time answers to their questions. Fortunately, WhatsApp for business will help you enhance your customer support. For instance, you can have chatbots and chat widgets to provide automated responses to your clients. That means your client can get information about your products via WhatsApp at any time. This is a great way of addressing any concerns that your customers might have.

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3. Use WhatsApp Business API

If you are operating a large business, you will need to capitalize on WhatsApp business API. It allows you to gather large customer data. In the data, you get information that enables you to determine the taste and preferences of various customers. You can study the purchasing behaviour of various customers. Therefore, it becomes easy to create products that satisfy your customers. These are products that address customers’ needs that you will learn through the customer feedback you get.

To use a WhatsApp business API account, you will have to make an application. You have to find a reliable WhatsApp business solution provider to help you navigate that hurdle in this connection. The WhatsApp Business solution provider will help you set up your WhatsApp business API account with great features that that will allow you to sell on WhatsApp and increase your sales. You can initiate conversations with your customers that will lead to successful transactions. You get a chance to showcase your products for your customers to assess and choose what they intend to buy.

4. Send Quality Content

The content your share with your customers should be informational. For instance, if you want to sell your products, share information that enlightens your customers on how the product works. Let them know why your product is better than other options. Besides, provide your customers with the pricing information. That will be vital, especially when they compare your products with the rest. You will have some customers purchasing from you because you have made the entire process seamless for them. They can easily acquire any information regarding your products. Therefore, it takes less time for them to decide whether to make their purchase or not.

5. Showcase Your Products With Quality Photos

WhatsApp for business gives provision for creating a catalog. You can have photos of all the products you are selling in the catalog alongside their prices. However, you should not make it hard for the customers to see the products you are showcasing. That is why you must use quality photos of your products. That makes it easier for your potential customers to keenly study your products and determine if they are of good quality or not. Quality photos are bound to sell on WhatsApp and grow sales. Some customers simply make their purchasing decision by simply looking at a product photo. That is an opportunity to take advantage of to boost your sales.

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Benefits of WhatsApp For Business

Low Barrier

WhatsApp allows you to interact with consumers through a platform they already use. Because most individuals check their messages multiple times every day, WhatsApp is the simplest and most convenient option for them to communicate with businesses. Your consumers won’t have to continuously check their emails for an update on their order/question-

Global coverage

WhatsApp is the most popular chat program in 128 countries, allowing you to cast a larger net than other platforms. WhatsApp is extremely popular in countries like Brazil, Mexico, and Malaysia, where 60% of people use it.


One of the most common consumer complaints is long lines and slow replies. Because WhatsApp messages are shorter and more direct than an email, you may respond to consumer inquiries and problems more quickly, lowering the probability of turnover.

Brand recognition

There’s something personal about being on your clients’ phone contact list. It demonstrates to your consumers that you are on their level and provides a more casual atmosphere than phone or email.


Data privacy issues are on the increase in the age of the GDPR. WhatsApp is the secure choice for customers who wish to communicate with companies because of its end-to-end encryption and dedication to preserving user privacy. It also assures that there is no spam.

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To wind things up....

There are various steps you must take to increase your sales and sell on WhatsApp for business. It is not guaranteed that you will immediately start making sales when you use WhatsApp business. There are some considerations you just cannot ignore. For instance, you have to put in place reliable customer support services. Additionally, you should always seek the guidance of a WhatsApp Business API provider like BusinessOnBot to assist you.  Customers should get timely responses when they raise concerns. And that is why you will need a WhatsApp business API account. It allows you to collect big customer data and utilize wider integrations to foster productive customer engagements. You can easily share with your customer’s promotional messages that will create awareness of the goods and services you are selling. An interested customer might be tempted to purchase by assessing your catalog and reading your promotional messages. And that will drive up your sales.

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