How to do WhatsApp Marketing: Step by Step guide​

By: Yukta Debnath

WhatsApp Marketing Is Simply The Act Of Promoting Your Products/Services Via The Meta-Owned Messaging Service "WhatsApp". ​

What exactly is WhatsApp Marketing?

 In Whatsapp marketing, you can reach, engage, and convert potential customers by using the platform. All we need is mobile data on our phones to make or receive calls and messages. An easy way to announce a new product or notify your clients about a new service is to use WhatsApp marketing.

Whatsapp marketing is a form of messenger marketing that involves selling a brand via the application. We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to help you download and set up the WhatsApp Business app for both Android and iOS users.

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How do you setup WhatsApp for your business marketing?

1. Go to the Google Play Store and search for 'WhatsApp Business.'

2. Read the terms and conditions and accept them with or without reading them.

3.Include your company's mobile phone number.

To sign up for the app, you’ll need a phone number that’s not the same as your personal WhatsApp number. You may just buy another SIM card and utilize it if you have a dual phone. If you don’t, you may have to buy a new phone and register with a new SIM card.

If you use your existing phone number, you will convert your profile to a business profile, and will only be able to use WhatsApp Business.

The app will email you an OTP to authenticate your phone number after you register. If WhatsApp identifies the OTP automatically, a pop-up option will appear, which you can use for convenience.

4. Fill up the blanks with your company's information.

Now is the moment to add your company’s name and logo. We recommend that you use your company’s official logo and name.

5. Investigate and configure the company settings

As previously said, there are a variety of business solutions available to make your company appear more professional. To begin, fill in the essential information and set up your messages.

6. Enable the WhatsApp Pay feature.

Here’s how to send and receive payments directly through WhatsApp. Go to the ‘Payments’ option by clicking on the three dots or the settings option. Select ‘Add Payment Method.’ You’ll be prompted to agree to the WhatsApp Payment terms and conditions. Accept it and move forward.

Choose your bank, fill in the data, then enter the account’s registered phone number to receive an OTP. Once you’ve entered it, your account will be validated. Now all you have to do is create a UPI pin for future transactions.

Anyone can send you money using your Whatsapp UPI ID.

7. Inform your current business contacts.

It’s a good idea to send a message to your existing business contacts immediately to let them know about your new phone number. Request that they exclusively WhatsApp you from now on using this number.

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How can you get started with Whatsapp Marketing and put it up to advertise your business?

1. Boost your online visibility

You can create a WhatsApp business page and a group for your customers. You can include your physical address, a link to your website, and important contact information on your WhatsApp business page. 

Also, adding a product catalog to your WhatsApp business profile will allow your clients to browse it and contact you. Your conversion rates will improve as a result of this.

For example, BusinessOnBot‘s New Cart and Catalog functionality will let you show off your items to your consumers. Process your orders in the same manner as you would on a website.

2. Directly engage with customers

If you own an online store, you know that most of your customers are always in a rush. Customers expect prompt responses from your customer service department when they contact you.

Direct messaging on WhatsApp makes it easy to interact with and engage your consumers. The bot can also automate messages so that customers do not have to wait for a response.

You can also save consumers time by adding a FAQ section to your WhatsApp company page.

3. Make a contact list.

Every organization can enjoy using WhatsApp as a messaging tool. You may utilize the app’s label system to organize your contacts. You can also import all of your business contacts into WhatsApp if you use a CRM that works well with the app. When you attach WhatsApp to your CRM, it adds new client contacts easily. 

If customers have opted in to receive your WhatsApp messages, you may add them to your WhatsApp messaging lists. You can also preserve and archive client conversations when you integrate.

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WhatsApp Marketing for Business: Techniques

1.WhatsApp Groups technique

WhatsApp groups are one of the most popular features of the messaging app. This is the most efficient method for forming a community of like-minded individuals. The only restriction on groups is that each group can only have 256 members. Using WhatsApp groups is a great way to communicate with prospects and customers. 

2. Website integration of WhatsApp (Click to Chat)

On a website, WhatsApp chat is one of the most successful and simple ways to communicate with potential customers. 

The fundamental purpose of digital marketing is to drive traffic to your website. You can encourage customers to perform a quick WhatsApp chat from your website, and you’ll gain a lead for your business.

3. API-based automation for WhatsApp

Large companies can use this service to keep their clients up to date and send regular promotional messages. Using this API integration, websites can update product statuses, shipping statuses, and promote products to specific customers. 

By integrating APIs, you can keep your existing applications, CRM, and WhatsApp up to date with customer information. Also, businesses are creating WhatsApp Chatbots to use WhatsApp’s API.

4. Adding Status Updates to WhatsApp

WhatsApp allows users to share tales and status updates that will be visible for 24 hours. Instagram/Facebook Stories are comparable to this. In your status, you can submit videos, images, text with links, and short videos (30 seconds). 

You can use status updates to advertise discounts and ask consumers to screenshot coupon codes to take advantage of the deal in-store. You can use WhatsApp to drive traffic by including links in status updates.

To sum up:

WhatsApp Marketing is becoming a hit in many businesses. Businesses appreciate the benefits of using a platform that gives them access to a wider customer base. You can easily reach a high number of customers and create brand awareness. Among your targeted customers, you can get those willing to purchase your products. In return, your sales will skyrocket.

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