How to Use WhatsApp Business API to Increase Customer Engagement?​

By: Yukta Debnath

With WhatsApp Business API, the messaging app allows businesses to communicate with customers on a channel they already know and trust.

Every business needs to keep in touch with its customers. A business needs to employ strategies that ensure customers are up to date with any changes, whether in terms of goods or services. Engaging customers breeds loyalty to a brand. It becomes easier for a business to retain its customers and attract more using WhatsApp Business API.

There are various strategies a business can use to engage its customers. But over the years, social media has increasingly become a standard measure of all other available options. Many businesses are now relying on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp to interact with their customers and market their goods and services. WhatsApp, which boasts of at least 2 billion users, is so popular among businesses striving to gain a competitive advantage through customer engagement.

But how can businesses leverage WhatsApp business API to enhance customer engagement? What are some of the features that WhatsApp business provides that any business can capitalize on to engage on a personalized basis with its customers? Below is an overview of how this social media application is revolutionizing the business world.

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Use Of Personalized WhatsApp Messages To Address Individual Customer Concerns

Interacting with a customer personally shows that you understand their individual needs. It is also an indication that you are bound to meet their unique specifications. Thanks to WhatsApp, businesses can now send automated messages that offer a personal touch. WhatsApp Business allows you to send messages using various formats such as documents, templates, images, audio, and text. You can add variables such as phone number, email id, or name to personalize the information you are sending to customers.

WhatsApp Business API gives provision for case-specific templates to create transactional messages. So, it becomes easier to create personalized messages at every stage of the customer lifecycle. You can add elements such as videos, audio, QR codes, and PDF files that address the needs of a particular customer.

Scale Your Customer Communication With Various WhatsApp Media Formats

Communicating with your customers on a regular basis ensures they touch base with your business. They stay up to date with any new product you are introducing into the market. Besides, they can learn of any upcoming promotions. Fortunately, the WhatsApp business allows you to scale your customer communication using various media formats such as audio or videos. You can use them to initiate group targeting. In this connection, you target customers that share similar interests. Besides, you can design campaigns that boost customer engagement and market your business to a lot of WhatsApp users.

whatsapp business api for customer engagement

Build A Catalogue To Showcase Your Products

Customers need to know which products or services your business has to offer. In fact, some customers are prone to impulse buying by just looking at a particular product. It is an opportunity you can capitalize on to generate some significant revenue for your business. Fortunately, WhatsApp business allows you to showcase your products or services to potential customers and achieve your marketing goals. You can create a catalog of your products which customers can interact with them. And with the possibility of impulse buying, you can have someone purchasing whatever you are showcasing at first glance.

Leverage Chatbot Capabilities To Respond To Customer Queries

Customers will always seek clarity to gain more information about your products, payment methods, or available delivery options. That is why most businesses have a customer support team that works around the clock to respond to such queries. But with the initiation of WhatsApp business API, you do not have to hire a customer support team. You only need to utilize the chatbot capabilities that WhatsApp business provides. You can formulate automated queries and responses that will address customers’ concerns. That way, customers get quick replies to any questions that they might have.

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Create A Rapport With Customers Using Instant Notifications

More customers cannot resist reading WhatsApp messages. So businesses can take advantage of that to enhance customer engagement. WhatsApp Business allows you to send instant notifications to customers, maintaining that interaction with them. Besides, you can make them aware of any new services you might be bringing on board so that they do not miss out on anything that might interest them.

There are various WhatsApp business prompt messages that you can send to your customers. For instance, you can send a billing invoice notification. It acts as a reminder to your customers when they are to make payments. When they order a product, you can update them on the delivery status. It helps customers to easily anticipate when the products will reach their premises. Therefore, they do not have to worry about losing any of the products they ordered.

Enhance Brand Awareness

You can easily identify customers’ individual specifications in order to address them. This is possible through collecting customer feedback which is enabled by WhatsApp business. You get to know what various customers have to say regarding your goods and services. One can make the required changes to ensure that your customers are completely satisfied with the items and services you provide.

You need to use your WhatsApp profile as the face of your brand. You can share information on what your brand is all about. For instance, you can have photos of the products you are offering through the catalog you create courtesy of your WhatsApp business. Besides, you can constantly share updates about your brand on this social media platform. It helps keep clients engaged with your brand. And that is one of the most suitable ways of keeping your customers glued to your brand. You need that customer loyalty to build your brand to be more competitive. Customers ought to always look forward to any new updates you share. Eventually, you have more customers buying from you hence raising your cash flow through the more revenue that comes to your business after making sales.

To wind things up....

There is no disputing the fact that WhatsApp business API has revolutionized the business world. More businesses are now taking advantage of WhatsApp business to interact with their customers in various ways to identify their needs and hence provide viable solutions. Businesses can now share critical information with the customers they are targeting. It is possible through instant notifications, which update clients on what to expect from a particular business. Besides, it is now possible to automate your customer support as a business owner. 

By providing WhatsApp Business API, BusinessOnBot can assist you in leveraging WhatsApp for your business and make a significant difference in customer engagement.

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