Influencer Marketing For D2C Businesses: A Complete Guide

By: Yukta Debnath

When you use influencer marketing to promote your D2C products or services, you can reach a wide audience of potential customers

If you are a D2C seller, influencer marketing may be the way to go. It is among the most powerful strategies in your market entry toolbox. And yet it is not well known by most startups, so I’ve made this guide to explain what it is, how it benefits your business, and how to get started.

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What Is Influencer Marketing

Before delving into influencer marketing, what it is, and its benefits, it is important to know who is an influencer. An influencer has many followers, usually thousands and millions, on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. With such a commanding following, influencers can dictate how their followers dress, eat, and their related lifestyle decisions. That power is attractive to D2C businesses that want to enforce market penetration and create brand awareness. So, influencer marketing is the collaboration between D2C businesses and influencers to sell their goods and services.

Benefits Influencer Marketing

1. Improving Content Strategy:

An influencer improves your content development strategy. The content shared about your brand will be educative, diversified, and attractive to potential customers.

2. Increase Sales

The influencer has a large following. Among the followers, there is a possibility that you might get customers who are interested in purchasing your goods and services hence increasing sales.

3. Create Brand Awareness:

With influencers’ many followers, you are guaranteed that working with one will help market your brand to a larger consumer base. Therefore, more customers will be attracted to your brand.

4. Boost Return On Investment:

As a brand owner, you will have to pay the influencer to do the marketing on your behalf. The influencer will, in return, bring in more customers to your business, giving you value for your money. Such is a return on investment.

5. Create Trust And Credibility

Followers of celebrity influencers tend to copy their lifestyle. They trust these influencers, so credibility will be vital to your brand. If the influencer advertises your product, there is a higher chance of followers trusting its quality hence making a purchase. So influencers do affect purchasing decisions.

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How To Leverage Influencer Marketing

So, you have decided to capitalize on influencer marketing to facilitate market penetration for your new product or business, but there is a catch. How do you go about the entire process? What strategies can you employ to guarantee your business the visibility it deserves, courtesy of influencer marketing? Below are some of the ways you can leverage influencer marketing.

1. Engage A Celebrity Influencer

People with the most followers tend to be celebrities on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. Therefore, any content they share has the possibility of reaching a lot of people. You can utilize that opportunity to give your D2C business the visibility it deserves. Working with celebrity influencers will push your brand to greater heights. Many people will see the new product you are launching. You might get people interested in buying your product among the many followers of the celebrity influencer. And that is certainly a win for you.

However, capitalizing on celebrity influencers also has some factors that you must consider. First, the celebrity needs to be a regular user of your products or at least an interested buyer. Remember, a significant number of people tend to trust influencers. Therefore, they will be ready to use the product that an influencer is marketing. Most importantly, the influencer should hold your brand’s ethos at heart.

2. Turn Your Customer Into An Influencer

Customers will always give feedback on your products. Usually, they might be the point of reference if someone wants to purchase your goods or services. That makes them a preferred candidate for the influencer marketing role. You can use loyal customers to drive up your sales as a business owner. Share with the customer the information you want them to pass across to your target customer base. Potential customers are highly likely to trust your loyal customers. And with that, you will have more people purchasing your products, significantly increasing your revenue.

3. Giveaways

Providing free samples, amazing offers, discounts, and giveaways is one of the best ways of attracting customers to your brand. It not only gives many people a chance to taste your goods or services, but it will also earn you some loyal customers. This strategy can be executed well with the help of an influencer. With their great following, you can allow them to do giveaways. That will build trust among potential customers. Not only will they capitalize on the opportunity to get free products, but they also get to develop an interest in buying them.

Giveaways might not necessarily earn you customers also. That is why you must be careful about packaging the competitions or giveaway promotions. Some of the followers might only be interested in the free products and will not make any purchase in the future. That is why you must make the promotions or competitions as transparent as possible to let potential customers trust you.

4. Generate Quality Content

Potential customers want to know what your D2C business has in store for them. That is why marketing your products is so important. And through influencer marketing, you can create significant brand awareness that will attract more customers to purchase your goods or services. But influencer marketing strategy is dependent on the content that you share. As you attract customers, ensure they understand the content you are sharing. The content should showcase the name of your product, its features, and prices. That gives your potential customers the information they need to determine if your product does address their needs.

Influencer marketing allows you to utilize various social media platforms to do content marketing. You can do so on Instagram through normal posts, Instagram stories, and reels. Followers can easily see the content developed regarding your products. They can choose to make the purchase or not.

5. Have Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors help advertise your products to your target customer base. They are long-term influencers who go the extra mile to ensure your brand gets the traction it deserves. They create promotional content that will showcase what your brand offers and the features of your goods and services. Since they have a large following on social media platforms, you can be sure that information regarding your brand will be able to reach a large group of people at once. You will get interested buyers willing to purchase your goods and services among the followers. Therefore, you can utilize this influencer marketing strategy to grow your D2C brand.

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To Sum up..

Influencer marketing has significantly changed the business world, especially regarding advertising and brand awareness. In this setting, D2C brands can work with influencers who enjoy a large following to showcase what businesses have to offer. Since these influencers have a lot of followers, there is easy for the brands to attract customers. As more customers come in, so does the revenue of the D2C businesses increase. So influencer marketing is something businesses can use to grow and expand in their marketplace. However, working with an influencer with high regard for your business is advisable to build trust and credibility.

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Reference: Irecwire

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