Integrate WhatsApp With Your Ecommerce Platform in 2022 - Guide

By: Yukta Debnath

integrate WhatsApp with your ecommerce platform and see how it may help you scale your business online.

It’s important to integrate WhatsApp into your ecommerce platform if you want to increase sales. Which WhatsApp ecommerce integration should you choose from the many options available? Read on to learn about the most popular and effective WhatsApp ecommerce integrations is provided.  

As a business owner, you must focus on boosting your sales. Unfortunately, this quest comes with its fair share of demands. You need to ensure customers get to purchase your goods and services. That begins with ensuring potential customers get to know more about your products and business. You will need a platform whereby potential customers can learn what your business is all about. That is why having an ecommerce platform is very important. You can build a website or use a social media platform to showcase your goods and services to potential customers.

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Integrating WhatsApp Into Your Ecommerce Platform

1. Adding A WhatsApp Chatbot

Customers might have questions or raise concerns regarding your goods or services. That requires a dedicated customer support team that works around the clock to deal with such issues. But with WhatsApp bot integration, you do not need to hire a customer support team. You can integrate WhatsApp with a chatbot to your ecommerce platform to provide quick responses to your customers. Any burning issue will be resolved as soon as possible. The customer can now proceed to purchase the product you are offering.

The WhatsApp chatbot can redirect your customers to the WhatsApp chat app. Your customers can have access to the products you are showcasing on your WhatsApp business page. Going through the catalog is likely to trigger impulse buying, especially when the customers come across the product that interests them or captures their attention. From such unprecedented purchases, your sales will increase, hence improving revenue generation in your business.

To add the WhatsApp chatbot to your ecommerce platform, you will need to find a reliable WhatsApp business solution provider. The provider will create a WhatsApp chatbot tailored to suit your website. By following the WhatsApp business provider’s instructions, you can easily set up the WhatsApp chatbot, thus making it easier for you to engage with your customers through WhatsApp.

2. Set Up A Click to WhatsApp Ads

Facebook is a social media platform that can act as an avenue for marketing your goods and services. You can also engage with your customers to respond to their queries and issue them with timely updates regarding your business. Most importantly, you can integrate WhatsApp into your Facebook page to easily interact with your customers. You need to set up click to WhatsApp Ads to spearhead WhatsApp conversations with your customers. That ensures all those stores that come to your Facebook page can reach out to you via WhatsApp through the WhatsApp chat buttons you added to your page. So, it becomes easy for you to answer all their questions and offer them timely updates.

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3. After Sales Services

As a business owner, you have to value your customers. And this can be through subjecting them to a great customer experience. How do you go about it? You can offer after-sales services. Once customers purchase your products, you can go further to provide them with information like:

  • Product suggestions
  • Tracking updates
  • Loyalty programs
  • Delivery dates

That you can do if you get consent from your customers to send them WhatsApp messages. Therefore, you have to leverage WhatsApp opt-in to get approval from your customers. Besides, you will also be able to collect feedback from them that you can enhance your products’ quality.

4. WhatsApp Opt-In

Getting in touch with your customers is only one of the steps to luring them into purchasing the goods and services you are showcasing on your WhatsApp business. However, it is also essential that you constantly keep updating your customers on some of the promotions, offers, and new products you have in store. You can easily do so, courtesy of WhatsApp integration with your ecommerce. However, there is a catch. Some customers will not fancy you flooding their inboxes with advertisement messages. You have to take advantage of WhatsApp opt-in, which gives customers consent to receive marketing messages from you. Once that is done, you can regularly inbox them information regarding your products and offers through WhatsApp.

But how do you leverage WhatsApp Opt-In?

  • You can develop an opt-in landing page that has a form for customers to fill in, allowing you to send them WhatsApp messages.
  • Incorporating the WhatsApp opt-in form into the account sign-up process whereby customers can acknowledge WhatsApp as a medium you will use to communicate with them.
  • Inquire from them if they will be willing to receive WhatsApp messages from you. Only do so if they initiate a conversation with you through WhatsApp.
  • On your website home page, you can add a pop-up where they can key in their WhatsApp mobile phone number.
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To wind things up....

WhatsApp is one social media platform that customers can leverage to boost their sales. Businesses can either use WhatsApp business or WhatsApp business API accounts to communicate with customers and market their products. Using WhatsApp you can interact with your customers on a real-time basis. That is possible through using WhatsApp Integration with your ecommerce platform. In that connection, you can capitalize on WhatsApp opt-in, click on WhatsApp ads, after-sales services, and WhatsApp chatbots. They help create a positive rapport with your customers and lure them into purchasing your goods or services, thus driving up your sales.

While the WhatsApp Business app is free to download and use, it does have certain limitations, including the inability to perform the ecommerce connections listed above.
BusinessOnBot can assist you in gaining access to the WhatsApp API as well as setting up integrations for your ecommerce business.

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