Tips For Getting WhatsApp Opt-Ins From Customers

By: Yukta Debnath

The permission of your customer or client to receive messages and updates from your business over WhatsApp is known as WhatsApp opt-in.

What is WhatsApp Opt-ins

WhatsApp Opt-ins refers to the consent from customers allowing businesses to send them messages or updates through WhatsApp.

The introduction of WhatsApp Business And WhatsApp Business API has even made marketing online more seamless and beneficial. Larger businesses can reap the benefits of using WhatsApp Business API, such as collecting big data from customers. With such data, it becomes easier for businesses to study the needs of their customers. The quest for customer satisfaction begins with such a step.

To collect customer data or feedback, you have to foster productive relationships and engagements. Fortunately, that is possible through using WhatsApp Business API. Customers can not only submit their queries, but they can opt-in to get updates about your brands and products. It becomes easy to stay in touch with your customers and market your goods ad services with their consent. And that is one avenue you can use to boost your sales.

What You Need To Know About WhatsApp Opt-Ins

Most customers do not want to be bombarded with messages from any business through WhatsApp without their consent. Some might even block your business phone number once your messages are deemed a nuisance. Therefore, it is always important to get their go-ahead before you start sending them WhatsApp messages.

As a business owner operating on WhatsApp, you cannot start flooding your potential customers’ inboxes with messages. You must receive WhatsApp Opt-ins from them. However, if you want to get the WhatsApp Business Opt-ins, below are some factors you have to put into consideration:

  • Comply with applicable rules and regulations
  • Mention Your Legal business name the customers’ consent to receive messages on WhatsApp
  • Clearly state that the customer will be opting in to get your business’ messages through WhatsApp

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WhatsApp Opt-In Methods

You can leverage several opt-in methods to get consent from customers to send them business messages on WhatsApp. They include:

1. SMS

Many businesses are Additionally, SMS can also be a way for businesses to get consent from customers to send messages via WhatsApp. This is through initiating a one-click opt-in for instant responses.

2. Website

Websites are platforms where businesses can showcase their goods and services and engage with customers. Besides, it also allows businesses to get opt-ins from customers. They can get permission to send notifications and updates regarding their brands to customers. You simply need to place an accept-messages-via-WhatsApp pop-up on your website homepage. You will get several customers who will give their consent to such an initiative.

3. Sign Up Forms

You can insert a clause that allows you to use WhatsApp Business to send messages and notifications to your customers. Customers can agree to this term while signing up for your website or your online services. That gives you the mandate to engage with your customers freely via WhatsApp and enlighten them about your brand.

4. Leverage On WhatsApp Threads

WhatsApp Business allows you to engage your customers and provide quick replies to their queries. However, when you resolve their difficulties and give clarification on subjects that worry them. You may also get their permission to send them business-related communications via WhatsApp. It is a channel you can use to market your business often at any time of the day.

5. By Phone

You can communicate with your customers using interactive voice responses and emails with your phone. In addition, if you interact with them on WhatsApp, you can ask for permission to send business-related messages. You can build a group of customers who are always ready to receive an instant notification from you. That allows you to create awareness about any new products you are bringing into the market.

6. Capitalizing On Existing Workflows

Customers need to be informed of the status of their delivery. They need timely reminders throughout the customer’s journey. This allows them to subscribe to receive instant notifications through WhatsApp. Therefore, you have a chance to get more opt-ins from your customers.

How To Take Advantage Of WhatsApp Opt-Ins

  • Make sure you monitor the progress of your opt-in- Get to know if it is attracting more customers or not. You get to know how you should repackage your messages to entice your customers.
  • Educate your customers on the importance of opt-in Let your customers know and appreciate the need to get instant notifications and messages from businesses.
  • Provide an elaborate demystification of how customers can opt-out of particular messages and requests.
  • Ensure your opt-ins are meant to provide better goods and services to customers.
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One thing most businesses struggle with is marketing their goods and services. It is important to have an ongoing connection with your consumers. They should know about your products, services, promotions and any deals you are offering. That can be made possible by using WhatsApp opt-ins. You need to get your customers to agree to receive messages regarding your business and its products. With that, customers can always be up to date with the progress of your business. They can learn about the new products you are bringing on board. Most importantly, they can know the status of their delivery.

BusinessOnBot, a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, not only offers a whatsapp business opt in function. But there’s also an unsubscribe option, so your consumers can easily opt out of receiving future WhatsApp messages.

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