Top 5 BiteSpeed Alternatives

By: Yukta Debnath

Do you want to implement your WhatsApp marketing plan utilising a solution that makes things easier for you rather than more difficult? Have you used BiteSpeed and now want something different?

Do you want to switch from Bitespeed? Or has your brand outgrown Bitespeed? It is now time to successfully use WhatsApp for User Acquisition and as a full fledged distribution channel? You have come to the right place, today we will be talking about Bitespeed and its 5 best alternatives.

E-commerce firms have already begun to integrate WhatsApp into their marketing platform to enhance sales, promotions, and retention, among other things. The following is a list of the top Bitespeed alternatives for increasing e-commerce sales, acquiring new consumers and retaining and cultivating existing ones.

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TOP 5 Best Bitespeed Alternatives and Competitors

1. BusinessOnBot

We at BusinessonBot provide an end-to-end WhatsApp solution for D2C brands. We’ve helped over 300+ D2C brands acquire new customers, unlike any other platform. These brands sell products, retarget customers, recover abandoned carts, and much more without breaking the bank. BusinessOnBot provides complete WhatsApp shop where brands can show and sell products, and customers can complete purchase journey right inside of WhatsApp
  • The platform works to fully automate the e-commerce process and makes use of AI for FAQs, remarketing, and upselling to completely do away with manual intervention.
  • You can check each agent’s resolution time and workload if you use WhatsApp for customer care, which will help you manage your staff more.
  • Automatic pings like “abandoned cart” and “shipping information,” and much more. You might, for instance, program your system to remind clients to reorder shampoo in 20 days or snack boxes in a month.


BusinessOnBot’s prices start from Rs.4900/mo all the way to Rs14999/mo and the mid-tier plan costs about Rs7800/mo. By getting in touch with them and describing your needs, you can receive a personalized plan as well.

2. Wati

WATI is WhatsApp’s customer communication platform. It primarily assists in providing support and bulk messages to its users. WATI enables teams to send communications to their consumers in volume. 
  • Low initial setup: The support staff manages the whole integration after gaining access to the WhatsApp API.
  • Excellent support The support staff helps with each stage of the onboarding procedure.
  • Management of the team structure: With WATI’s team and user management tools, you may establish team structures.
  • Flows of communication and chatbots: Create chatbots and conversational processes to provide immediate solutions.


The monthly cost of the mid-tier WATI plan is Rs. 5800 plus a surcharge for each conversion. Additionally, WATI charges Rs. 1500 for each new additional agent on their platform.

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3. Interakt

Interakt is an affordable WhatsApp Business solution provider. To connect with customers on Whatsapp in real time, Interakt offers shared team inboxes and live chat widgets. Interakt also allows integration with popular platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce.
Their platform provides:
  • Very low cost in comparison to other companies
  • A live chat widget that links consumers to you through WhatsApp and a shared team mailbox
  • Supports preset replies and automated message templates
  • Pulls order information from Shopify and WooCommerce and displays it on the chat screen


Interakt’s cost ranges from Rs. 999/mo to Rs. 2499 with a cap on the number of active users in both plans.

4. QuickReply

Quick Reply is an e-commerce solution for WhatsApp that works with Shopify, & other eCommerce platforms. With Quick-Reply, you can automate customer interactions on your website and over Facebook Messenger. On the chat panel, you can view pre-fetched orders and client information. Using a single common inbox, Quick Reply delivers an intuitive user experience and a straightforward API. Despite having a clear and simple UI, customers cited a lack of time-specific information.


QuickReplies mid-tier plan costs around Rs.6000/mo but they levy an extra charge of Rs.500 per new agent and levy a hidden set-up charge.

5. LimeChat

LimeChat lets you manage customer relationships via chatbots, natural language processing, and more. The lack of integration of Instagram replies into Limechat’s chat box disappointed users despite its improvements. Limechat only had a 24-hour replying window, which may result in unhappy customers. You can find the best limechat alternatives here.


The mid-tier LimeChat package runs roughly Rs. 27,890 per month, plus an extra fee for extra tickets raised.

Therefore, these were the best BiteSpeed alternatives, So there are still a few others that you may find here.

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Arjun Vaidya - Dr Vaidya
Arjun Vaidya

How to choose the best Bitespeed Alterntive for you?

How can you choose the best BiteSpeed alternatives for your company now that you’ve seen them all? All of this comes down to one straightforward inquiry: How do you want to use WhatsApp for your brand?
Do you intend to use WhatsApp as a User Acquisition and Marketing solution and not juse a chatbot or ticketing customer support tool? If so, BusinessOnBot is the best WhatsApp solution for all your marketing needs, so stop searching now. BusinessOnBot handles everything you need, including new user acquisition using our proprietary tools, payment integration, and customer support, all while seamlessly integrating with your e-commerce platform.
More than 300 D2C firms are already worked with BusinessOnBot for to utilize WhatsApp.
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