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  • WhatsApp Broadcast: How does it work?

    Whatsapp Broadcast: How does it work? By: Yukta Debnath In WhatsApp broadcast, when multiple recipients receive a message in one click, this is called a WhatsApp broadcast message. What is WhatsApp Broadcast- How is it beneficial for your Business? WhatsApp broadcast messages are messages sent simultaneously to many numbers by a single WhatsApp (Business) user. […]

  • Using WhatsApp Chatbot for Businesses in 2022- A guide

    Using WhatsApp Chatbot for Businesses in 2022​ By: Yukta Debnath WhatsApp Chatbot Is A Collection Of Automated Responses That Mimics A Human Conversation On WhatsApp.​ What is WhatsApp Chatbot? A WhatsApp chatbot uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate its operations on the WhatsApp network. People communicate with the WhatsApp chatbot through the chat interface, as […]

  • How to get a green tick on your WhatsApp Business account?

    How to get green tick on your WhatsApp Business Account?​ By: Yukta Debnath When WhatsApp Validates Your WhatsApp Business Account, You Are Marked As An Official Business Account With The WhatsApp Green Tick Badge On Your Profile. If you’re confusing the “Green Tick Verification” for your WhatsApp Business Account with the “WhatsApp API verification”, you’re […]

  • WhatsApp Business API: Everything You Need To Know

    WhatsApp Business API: Everything you need to know By: Yukta Debnath Using the WhatsApp Business API, businesses can receive and reply to unlimited WhatsApp messages in real time. Have you considered using WhatsApp API for your business but are unsure what it is or how it works? This complete guide to the WhatsApp Business API […]

  • How to do Whatsapp Marketing – Step By Step Guide.

    How to do WhatsApp Marketing: Step by Step guide​ By: Yukta Debnath WhatsApp Marketing Is Simply The Act Of Promoting Your Products/Services Via The Meta-Owned Messaging Service “WhatsApp”. ​ What exactly is WhatsApp Marketing?  In Whatsapp marketing, you can reach, engage, and convert potential customers by using the platform. All we need is mobile data […]

  • WhatsApp Marketing: Complete Beginner’s Guide

    WhatsApp Marketing: Complete Beginner’s guide By: Yukta Debnath WhatsApp marketing is simply the act of promoting your products/services via the Meta-owned messaging service “WhatsApp”. Before we begin to learn about whatsapp marketing, let us first understand about and begin with the fundamental question- what is whatsapp? What exactly is WhatsApp? Unless someone had been living […]