Using WhatsApp Automated Messages for your Business in 2022

By: Yukta Debnath

WhatsApp Automated Messages can assist your online business in nurturing, engaging, conversing, bonding, and establishing trust with customers.

Businesses need to keep in touch with their customers to better understand their needs. WhatsApp automated messages play an important part in establishing trust with customers. Even during the holidays, clients can be reached through automated messages. Rather than a silent reaction from the other side, clients prefer to see those auto-replies. Through such communications, it is possible to collect important data that can enhance the quality of products to achieve customer satisfaction. 

WhatsApp Business enables businesses to market their products and communicates with customers more often. Businesses can use either WhatsApp business or WhatsApp business API accounts to showcase their products to potential customers. At the same time, customers can seek clarity regarding your products and receive real-time feedback. You can use the auto-reply on WhatsApp which allows you to respond to some of the common questions customers ask.

When customers engage the customer support team, they intend to get solutions to their questions. Customers will always fancy a business owner who can respond within the shortest time possible. Unfortunately, a business with an incompetent customer support team will fall short in responding to customers’ questions in good time. But with WhatsApp for business, such can be avoided. The use of WhatsApp automated messages can help deal with customer concerns.

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WhatsApp for business provides message templates that you can utilize to customize the messages you send to your customers. Besides, you can keep your customers updated on their orders, your opening hours, and upcoming promotions. Therefore, customers can know when to conveniently shop from you. Most importantly, any of their questions can be solved instantly.

How To Set Up WhatsApp Automated Messages

The WhatsApp Automated messages are divided into away and greeting business messages. You have to click on the three dots found on the top right side of your heatmap business account to set them up. Doing so will lead you to the business tools whereby you can access the away and greeting messages under the messaging potion upon opening it.

Away Message

Setting the business away message allows you to send automated messages while away from your businesses. You will find various message options such as:

  • Send away messages. Allows you to respond to messages instantly when away.
  • Away message. You can send gratitude messages after a customer has shopped from you. Besides, you can notify customers when you are away.
  • Schedule. The option lets you set the time you intend to send your away message. You can customize the schedule so that automatic replies are sent when you are available to respond to more queries.
  • Recipients. You can choose whom you intend to send the automatic responses to you. The messages can be tailored to everyone in your contacts, those not in your address book, or specific individuals. By tapping on the recipient’s option, you can choose who you intend to receive your message.

Greeting Message

Under this messaging category, you will enjoy the following options that include:

  • Send a greeting message. You can send messages to first-time customers who message you. Also, customers who message you after 14 days. The message will be sent when you are away.
  • Greeting message. You can use the default automated message or create your own that will be sent to your customers once they contact you.
  • Recipients. You get to choose the people you intend to send the greeting message to.

Examples Of WhatsApp automated message Templates

1. Save On Time

These messages are sent automatically. Therefore, you do not have to press the send button yourself. As long as you are connected to the intent, the messages will be sent automatically. Therefore, you get to save on time.

2. Enhance Customer Experience

With WhatsApp automated messages, you can address customers’ concerns instantly. Ironing out those issues that your customers might raise guarantees customers satisfaction.

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Examples Of WhatsApp automated message Templates

After setting up your WhatsApp business messages, it is time to utilize WhatsApp’s templates. Those templates can be used to ensure you keep in touch with your customers. They include:

  • Welcome, Greeting Message Templates. You can craft welcome messages for clients who text you for the first time. The customers will then notify you of what issues or questions they have for you to provide clarity.
  • Away from the business. This template enables you to craft messages informing your customers that you are currently away from the business. You can notify them when you will be back.
  • Notifications. You can use them to keep your customers informed and updated about your products and business.
  • Reminders. Allows you to remind your customers of an abandoned purchase or cart.
  • Promotional. You can easily craft information regarding upcoming promotions or offers your customers can take advantage of.
  • Advertising Messages. Allows you to market your goods and services to potential customers.

To conclude....

Sending WhatsApp automated messages enables you to respond to your customers even if you are away from the business. Besides, you can easily schedule when you intend those messages to be sent and who are the target. WhatsApp provides

message templates that you can adopt to craft engaging messages to keep your customers informed about your business. 

At BusinessOnBot, we offer chatbots that speak many languages and can reply quickly to customers with Automated messages. We are literally all you need to scale your WhatsApp business.

Clients will not have to wait for hours to get answers to their queries. Your brand will be more valuable, more efficient, and friendlier on WhatsApp. What matters most is the user experience. A well-designed conversation can help you design the complete experience your customers are looking for.

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