Whatsapp Broadcast: How does it work?

By: Yukta Debnath

In WhatsApp broadcast, when multiple recipients receive a message in one click, this is called a WhatsApp broadcast message.

What is WhatsApp Broadcast- How is it beneficial for your Business?

WhatsApp broadcast messages are messages sent simultaneously to many numbers by a single WhatsApp (Business) user. Even though you appear to be communicating in a group, the recipient is unaware of any broadcasting of the message. You will send it as a private message.

Using WhatsApp Broadcast, you can send promotional messages, product announcements, newsletters, and more to a large group of users at once. It’s a simple approach to keep customers up to date on your business daily.

A few examples include product updates, shipping alerts, and email subscriptions.

As a business, how do you send a WhatsApp broadcast message?

You can broadcast messages using both the WhatsApp Business app and the WhatsApp Business API. Small businesses with a few staff and few clients frequently use the standard WhatsApp Business app. Large businesses should instead use the WhatsApp Business API due to a few limitations of the app.

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WhatsApp Broadcasting with the Business App

WhatsApp Business is completely free to use, simple to set up, and includes a built-in broadcasting option. Creating and sending a Broadcast is a breeze using the WhatsApp Business App. Create a broadcast list of up to 256 contacts and send them messages by following the steps below:

Select ‘New Broadcast’ from the three white dots on the right side of the WhatsApp Business App.

Choose the people you’d like to add to your WhatsApp Broadcast list. With the Business App, you may create a broadcast list with up to 256 contacts.

By pressing the green tick button, you can create a broadcast list.

That all!

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WhatsApp Business App's Broadcasting Features

The WhatsApp Business App offers the following features for WhatsApp Broadcasting:
  • If you send a message to a group of people with the WhatsApp App, each person receives it individually.
  • A WhatsApp broadcast list can include a maximum of 256 contacts.
  • Communication is confidential. Each recipient will receive the message like a regular conversation.
  • Each recipient is unaware that the message was broadcast. On the communications, there will be no such designation.
  • To receive the message, the receiver must have your phone number saved as a contact.

WhatsApp Business App's Broadcasting Limitations

Limitations of using the WhatsApp Business App to send WhatsApp Broadcast are:

  • The app supports only two devices (one smartphone and one PC)
  • There is no intelligent segmentation and analysis of communications sent.
  • Chat automation, rapid responses, and WhatsApp chatbot integration are not available.
  • If you aren’t on their contacts list, they won’t receive the broadcast.

It’s simple to send broadcasts via WhatsApp Business App, but is that enough to keep your business afloat? Specially when you’re a medium to large scale business.

Would you like a bigger, better solution? Try WhatsApp Business API for Broadcasting messages.

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WhatsApp Broadcasting with WhatsApp Business API

In 2018, WhatsApp introduced the WhatsApp Business API. The goal is to make it easier for small businesses to interact with their consumers using WhatsApp.
Businesses must activate their Business number for WhatsApp APIs to access the WhatsApp APIs. WhatsApp cannot authenticate every business on the planet.
To address this issue, WhatsApp has made its APIs available to WhatsApp Business Solution Partners (BSPs).
Businesses can take advantage of WhatsApp CRM, Contact Management, and more by using WhatsApp business APIs.

The Best Reasons to Use WhatsApp Business API-based Platforms for WhatsApp Broadcasting

  • Open rates of 98 percent
  • Click-through rates of 45-60%
  • Response rates of 78 percent

Furthermore, it is superior to the WhatsApp Business app because:

  • It allows you to send messages in bulk to up to 100,000 unique users.
  • You may send messages to folks who haven’t added you to their address book.
  • WhatsApp can provide authentic green tick certification.
  • Automation of cart abandonment notifications and payment links is possible.
  • Communicate with several consumers at the same time.
  • With WhatsApp Chatbots and live help, you can provide customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

WhatsApp Broadcasting via BusinessOnBot

In only four easy steps, you can broadcast messages on WhatsApp via BusinessOnBot.

Assume you have access to the BusinessOnBot account and wish to send a WhatsApp campaign message:

Step 1: Go to the ‘Campaigns’ tab on the BusinessOnBot Dashboard.

Step 2: Type in the name of the campaign and select a template. You may also select to send the message at a specific time in the future.

Step 3: Select from a list of your contacts or create your contact list. Select ‘Launch campaign’ from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: You can track the status and analytics of your WhatsApp broadcast campaign message.


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