WhatsApp Business API As A Contact Management Solution

By: Yukta Debnath

WhatsApp Business API allows you to integrate contact management solutions to WhatsApp, making it easier for businesses to acquire, store and track customer data on a real-time basis.

WhatsApp provides a larger market space that many businesses are now leveraging. It is now possible to build a contact management system whereby you can foster relationships between you and your customers and, in return, enhance your business sales. Remember, every business needs to make sales. It needs to get customers to purchase its goods and services to generate that revenue. So, the business needs to keep raising customers’ interest in buying their products. You can gain more insight into your customers by knowing their contact information.

Since WhatsApp has many users, it has become a great customer base where businesses can communicate with many customers. It has become a platform where you can automate your business. You will access critical information about your customers. Get to know what they like to satisfy them. Automate your customer service to send quick replies to your customers, thus giving them more clarity about your business, goods, services, and even promotions. Lest you forget, you can also build your catalog whereby you showcase your goods and services. Customers need to know what you have in store for them to make a purchasing decision.

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The Benefits Of Contact Management

1. Collecting Advanced Customer Data

 A contact management system gathers, stores, and tracks information on customers and marketing leads. You need to know the tastes and preferences of your customers so that you can offer them value for their money. And it starts with acquiring advanced data from customers that will help foster engagements. You can easily access that customer data and leverage it to engage with customers and grow your market base with a contact management system. Increased revenue will result in increased profits for your business. Your sales will increase due to the increasing number of customers purchasing your goods and services.

2. Achieving Diversity

Customers have different tastes and preferences. It is important to understand that to provide goods and services as per their specifications. And that is possible by collecting feedback from your customers. Therefore, you have to build a good customer relationship. You need to engage your customers to know how they feel about your products, understand their needs, and offer clarity. That is why having your customers’ contact is essential. You can get such crucial information by adopting a secure contact management solution. You will easily serve different customers and be able to satisfy them considerably.

3. Provide Great Customer Experience

In a good environment, customers return often. They need a company that understands their individual needs. They want a responsive customer service team, reliable communication channels, and confidence that their data is safe. A secure contact management system is thus a must-have for any business that needs to leverage customer data. It ensures faster customer data collection, analysis, and predictions on customer leads. A company that goes to such an extent gets to know more about its customers, hence meeting their specific demands.

Contact Management Using WhatsApp Business API

With over 2 billion users in at least 180 countries, WhatsApp promises to give your business access to a larger consumer base. You can easily target your customers to have them buy your products. You can acquire critical customer data to help enhance the quality of your products and formulate an effective marketing strategy.

But how do you leverage the power of WhatsApp? How do you get to have productive engagements with your customers using WhatsApp Business.? The inception of WhatsApp business API came with many goodies for businesses, both small and big. WhatsApp Business API allows you to integrate contact management solutions to your WhatsApp Business. 

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A great contact management solution will give you the following benefits:

1. Fill Any Data Gaps

You can access customer data even from their social media platforms. That gives you the power to analyse the data and make proper marketing decisions. You get to gather customer feedback and offer clarity to your customers on a real-time basis. You can also track where customers spend more time and target such areas to create brand awareness.

2. Acquiring Real-Time Data

Customer data is very precious to businesses. It offers a chance to study your customers to advance your service delivery or the quality of your products to achieve customer satisfaction. Getting real-time data only speeds up such a mission. And that is what a contact management solution should give you—the ability to access customer data regardless of where you are on a real-time basis.

3. Ease In Exporting Contact Details

Once you have acquired customer data such as phone numbers, you need to be able to keep them securely in one place. You have to be able to retrieve them and export them to study your customers. A powerful contact management solution should offer you that.

4. Send Instant Messages

Quick replies are a win for any business that wants to leverage WhatsApp business. WhatsApp Business API allows you to integrate a contact management solution that gives you the freedom to use chatbots to reply to your customer queries. You can also initiate conversations with new customers. That enables you to foster good relations with your customers and know them more.

To get WhatsApp Business API, you have to make an application to WhatsApp and wait for their approval. You can also choose to open a WhatsApp Account yourself by using Facebook’s developer page. But that can be very frustrating since the procedure is time-consuming and very technical. That is why you have to entrust such a responsibility to a web developer or use an official WhatsApp Business Solutions Provider like BusinessOnBot to make the application of a WhatsApp Business API account on your behalf.


WhatsApp Business has made it easier for businesses to seamlessly reach out to as many customers as possible. It is now possible for a business to access customer data to boost its sales. WhatsApp Business API allows you to integrate contact management solutions to WhatsApp, making it easier for businesses to acquire, store and track customer data on a real-time basis.

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