WhatsApp Marketing: Complete Beginner’s guide

By: Yukta Debnath

WhatsApp marketing is simply the act of promoting your products/services via the Meta-owned messaging service "WhatsApp".

Before we begin to learn about whatsapp marketing, let us first understand about and begin with the fundamental question- what is whatsapp?

What exactly is WhatsApp?

Unless someone had been living under a rock, or just came back from their decade-long Himalayan expedition, most people are most likely to have heard about WhatsApp & WhatsApp Marketing. But just to give a quick summary. WhatsApp was founded in 2009 by two ex-Yahoo employees who intended to provide everyone with free communication.

In 2014, Facebook acquired them for $19 billion, after becoming the quickest company to reach 450 million monthly active users. Currently, WhatsApp has over 2 Billion active users.

As the risk paid off, WhatsApp Marketing has grown in popularity over the years. You can now use it for more than just exchanging messages, with integrated features like:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Voice chats
  • Location Sharing
  • Documents
  • GIFs (Everyone’s Favorite)

WhatsApp offers a commercial version known as WhatsApp Business. It incorporates all of the features of the normal version as well as some new ones. Now, WhatsApp has finally made its API public for companies to make products around it. 

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How does WhatsApp Marketing work?

You can use WhatsApp Business App or their API to market or promote your products. By doing this you’re creating the most personalized purchasing and communication experience possible.

The majority of the User base in Developing countries are not familiar with the website interfaces. But the simplicity of WhatsApp has been proven multiple times in creating a better and effective way to communicate here.

It is the right time for brands to utilize WhatsApp and start thinking of it as a strong alternative for Emails to market and retarget.

Especially in the developing markets or places where WhatsApp is the prominent messenger application.

  • Send users to your WhatsApp Page and Sell using BusinessOnBot for a personalized purchasing experience.
  • Use our Cart and Catalog feature to showcase your products and sell right inside of WhatsApp.
  • Acquire new users by using our integrated influencer marketing flow.
  • Sending Updates to Current Users on the status of delivery.
  • Using our COD flow, reduce Return to Origin issues by converting COD orders into online payments.
  • Retargeting people dropping off from your website. Use WhatsApp instead of email for more personalized communication and reduce Abandoned Cart.
  • Send promotions and deals to your contact list with 95% open rate.
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How can you use WhatsApp’s API for Marketing and Management?

1. Sell Directly to Your Existing and New Customers

WhatsApp introduced their API in 2018 and made it possible for D2C businesses to start selling on WhatsApp. This not only gave an opportunity to engage an untapped demographic that is already familiar with WhatsApp. Nevertheless, it also provided a chance for businesses to begin using phone numbers in the same way that they do email.

People were already starting to sell stuff on WhatsApp through peer-to-peer sharing of images and manual order processing. This is a very inefficient way of selling and not scalable a large scale.

For example, BusinessOnBot‘s New Cart and Catalog functionality will let you show off your items to your consumers. Process your orders in a same manner as you would on a website.

2. Real-time customer support

WhatsApp API makes it simple for you to interact and engage with your customers.

  • You’ll be able to deliver real-time customer service and chat over WhatsApp.
  • This support can be both live or using a highly customizable chatbot.
  • All this can be easily integrated into your ticket management system and make support easier.
  • Having an efficient way for people to reach out to you will help you have more satisfied customers.

3. Increase Revenue by WhatsApp Marketing

There are many features in BusinessOnBot that you can leverage to increase your Average Order Value and Overall Revenue. Some of these features are: 

  • Abandoned Cart Recovery,
  • COD to Online,
  • Group Buying,
  • Using WhatsApp data to create lookalikes.

Also, you can soon utilize the WhatsApp status/stories feature to Run your Ad Campaigns. This feature is very similar to Instagram stories, where essentially a post will disappear from public view after 24hrs. This feature can be very helpful to create a personalized community among your users who are looking for constant updates. You may also use the “Share your location” feature inbuilt into this application. This feature will be really helpful if you are a Brick and Mortar shop and planning to redirect your internet audience to your shop. This feature can also be very powerful for brands and influencers that intend to individually connect with their community.

 Last but not the least, WhatsApp includes a payments feature that allows you to send and receive money called “WhatsApp Pay”. This is a very powerful feature as it eliminates the need of using a third-party payment provider. This enables a seamless flow from user acquisition to payment right inside of the WhatsApp ecosystem.

whatsapp marketing

4. Build Your Brand Reach

You can use several Whatsapp Marketing Tools  to reach out to New and Existing customers and serve them. Like Retargeting on WhatsApp, you can create a WhatsApp business page and a group for your customers.

A WhatsApp business page allows you to create a complete profile for your business, featuring

  • a physical address,
  • a website link, and
  • valuable contacts that clients can use to reach you.

If you create a WhatsApp catalog of your business, customers can easily browse it without having to switch their focus. Your conversion rate will improve drastically as a result of this more personalized experience inside of a single application.

5. Enhance your Message Flow

People are slowly getting jaded to spammy-looking emails and Ads. WhatsApp allows you to explore another vertical to enhance and distribute your message.

WhatsApp Marketing allows you to structure your messages in a variety of ways to make them more appealing. To highlight elements of your message, you might italics or bold particular parts of your text. You can also submit GIFs, emojis, photos, and videos, which can help readers visualize your writing.

6. WhatsApp Marketing won’t burn a hole in your pocket

We have been in your shoes, and we know how it’s like to build a business from the ground up. Having a decent Marketing budget isn’t the luxury that Small & Medium businesses have. 

WhatsApp Marketing can be one of the most cost-effective ways to reach out to your audience. And with ROI’s much higher than other platforms due to very personalized experience the returns are going to be amazing. 

The app provides a plethora of excellent business choices for a very affordable Setup and running cost. You only gotta spend more when you earn more.

Is WhatsApp Marketing Effective?

Short Answer, Absolutely! WhatsApp marketing has shown to be profitable and effective. BusinessOnBot has so many Case Studies of brands using WhatsApp and seeing amazing results in just a couple of months. And now they wonder why they didn’t start earlier.

The following are just a handful of the reasons why we believe WhatsApp Business is beneficial for brands of all sizes.

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