WhatsApp Marketing vs. SMS Marketing: Which is better?

By: Yukta Debnath

What distinguishes SMS Marketing from WhatsApp Marketing is that the former is based on carriers and cellular networks. On the contrary, WhatsApp necessitates an internet connectivity in order to transmit messages.

Currently, businesses have two text-based communication options: SMS marketing and WhatsApp marketing Service. It is possible to use each of these methods, whether you’re a new business or an established company trying to expand. If you are confused about what’s best for your business, Blasting SMS, using some bulk WhatsApp sender service or WhatsApp Business API. You are at the right spot. 

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS messaging arrived back in the 1990s, and people began using it as a communication medium shortly after. Despite the revolution in mobile phones, it is indisputable that SMS has been and continues to be at the heart of mobile marketing.

Known as Short Message Service (SMS) marketing, SMS marketing uses text messages to provide customers with promotional offers. Even today majority of companies use SMS marketing to sell products to create brand awareness. Blasting SMS in bulk is still effective for promoting new offers, and discounts. Whereas custom SMS marketing is very effective for personalized users like tracking orders, OTPs, and account verification.

As opposed to social media, email, or ads, SMS marketing takes place only on mobile devices.

PRO's of SMS Marketing

1. Easily Accessible

It is possible to receive SMS in all residential areas on earth that have mobile networks. A web-enabled device or a device without an internet connection can also receive SMS.

2. It’s Quick

Text message marketing is fast in more ways than one. Unlike social media and email marketing, you do not need to create images for your content. Text messages have a modest character limit, so you don’t have to write a lot. You can send and receive them quickly.

3. No Need for Application

It is not necessary to install an additional app to use SMS, as opposed to using WhatsApp Business App or WhatsApp marketing service. Nowadays, SMS is pre-installed on all phones, regardless of whether it’s a smartphone or not. It doesn’t matter what type of phone it is, what model it is, or where it is sold.

4. Fast Response Time

Compared to other communication channels, SMS has the highest open rate, which is 98%. Text messages are usually read within three minutes of being received. Consumers generally read text messages within the first 3 minutes they received them. SMS marketing is therefore highly effective for time-sensitive messages since most consumers read their text messages within three minutes of receiving them. Pre-planned SMS schemes can help companies take advantage of this to deliver the messages to customers precisely when they need them.

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What is WhatsApp Marketing?

Whatsapp marketing is a relatively new form of marketing in comparison to SMS. Since its creation, Whatsapp has revolutionized and provided users with sophisticated communication capabilities. There are many popular messaging apps, but Whatsapp is the most appealing and user-friendly. People use Whatsapp because 78 percent of users text and communicate, and it is the major means of conducting business. Whatsapp can share files and documents in ways that SMS messaging can’t. People have become more modernized, and the world has changed; nonetheless, just a few people still utilize SMS messaging for urgent communication. Whatsapp establishes a branded relationship with users and opens up a plethora of marketing prospects.

Even though WhatsApp has existed for a much shorter period, it has proven to be an enormous success both for consumers and businesses alike.

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PRO's of WhatsApp Marketing

1. WhatsApp Business API and Auto messages

Larger companies that wish to interact simultaneously with hundreds of customers are recommended to use WhatsApp’s business API. If you cannot respond to customers immediately, you can combine automated replies through short codes.

Many SMS gateways offer API for WhatsApp with templates and automated responses at an economical cost.

2. Business Identity

Businesses can use WhatsApp to build brand identity by creating their business profile. The customers will see your company name rather than an unknown telephone number when they receive messages from you. It allows your business to be more personal, and your customers will recognize you more quickly.

Additionally, the application provides fast, accurate delivery information that can be accessed right from the application. It will inform users when messages were sent, delivered, and opened.

3. Encrypted Messages

WhatsApp’s encryption is one of the biggest selling points. A WhatsApp website states that end-to-end encryption is used for all messages sent between users, including those sent to or from business accounts. Consequently, WhatsApp itself cannot decrypt or read your messages; only the sender and recipient can.

In addition to protecting sensitive information like credit card numbers, addresses, etc., this is a highly important feature for businesses and consumers. WhatsApp’s disappearing messages is one of its newest features introduced in 2021.

This feature makes it possible for users to send media files that they can view once (at their discretion) before they are automatically deleted.

4. More Integrations

Its visual integration with other popular applications such as Instagram, YouTube, and Netflix is another exclusive benefit of WhatsApp marketing. For example, when sharing Instagram posts over WhatsApp, the entire post instead of just the link appears in the chat.

In other words, recipients of this message can view and enjoy it immediately and don’t have to leave WhatsApp and open Instagram or a browser.

In addition to Netflix and YouTube, WhatsApp provides built-in players for these platforms so that videos from these platforms can also be watched from within the app.

whatsapp marketing service

WhatsApp Marketing Service

The next step after defining the pros and cons of SMS marketing and WhatsApp marketing service would be to decide what means of text-based marketing to implement. You don’t need to choose between SMS marketing and WhatsApp marketing service. You can use both at the same time.

However, if you’re only interested in doing one, you should examine each carefully, comparing its advantages and limitations, and assessing which one fits into your business. It is generally recommended that WhatsApp marketing services be chosen over SMS marketing unless SMS marketing offers unique advantages.


As a result, WhatsApp Marketing offers all the benefits of SMS marketing, plus much more. In addition to offering a basic tool, WhatsApp Enterprise API provides businesses with more advanced options to help them grow. WhatsApp Business has made it easier for businesses to seamlessly reach out to as many customers as possible. 

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