WhatsApp Promotional Messages: Dos and Don'ts

By: Yukta Debnath

Through non-transactional promotional messages, businesses can provide their customers with a richer experience on WhatsApp.

What are WhatsApp Promotional Messages?

A WhatsApp Promotional Message is a non-transactional message that a business may send to sell their products. This includes information such as back in stock notifications, offers and discounts, app promotions, cart recovery messages, and product suggestions.

WhatsApp Promotion continues to boost sales of a significant number of businesses. As a business owner, you can communicate with a wider customer base. That means you will get many customers to shop from your online store. Thus, your sales will go up as well as your revenue.

However, capitalizing on WhatsApp promotional messages can be a hectic undertaking. There is a way you need to craft your messages to appeal to your customers. Besides, you just do not wake up and start sending promotional messages to your customers. There are factors you have to put into consideration. They include:

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-Getting consent from customers- You need to ensure that the customers have signed up to receive promotional messages via WhatsApp. This is where the WhatsApp opt-in feature comes in handy.

– Do not start the WhatsApp conversation- You need to only send promotional messages to customers who initiated the conversation through WhatsApp. It is important to add the WhatsApp chat button to your eCommerce platform. More customers will be able to click on it and reach out to you via WhatsApp.

-Send promotional messages within 24 hours after the customer has reached out to you- That is when you can provide them with promotional messages.

-Use automated messages to notify your customers when you are away from the business- Ensure you also update them on when you will be available.

Dos of WhatsApp Promotion

1. Have A WhatsApp Business API Account

You need to apply for a WhatsApp Business API account to access several features that will help drive up your business sales. The features include automated responses that allow you to reply to customer questions and concerns instantly. Besides, you can also notify your customers when you are not available for business. It ensures that your customers also get to know when it’s the right time to engage you.

WhatsApp Business API Account also enables you to study your customers. From the feedback you receive from purchases and metrics, you get to learn which products are in high demand. Additionally, you will learn about potential product enhancements to ensure client satisfaction.

To get a WhatsApp business API account, you need to contact a trusted WhatsApp business solution provider. An effort of this sort will fast-track your API account application process so it is ready as soon as possible. Also, you can customize the account to ensure you enhance customer engagement with unique features.

2. Create A Comprehensive Catalogue

You need to make customers aware of the products your business offers. That is why you have to create a catalog with your products, descriptions, and prices. Potential customers will look at them and decide which one is of interest to them before making a purchase.

The good news about a catalog is its tendency to invoke impulse buying. Customers can easily fall for your goods at first glance. That is why you should use quality photos of your products, to make them even more attractive. With impulse buying, you get to improve your sales.

3. Send Quality Promotional Content

Provide your customers with detailed promotional messages. Customers need to have in-depth information about what your business deals in. They deserve to get comprehensive information about your products. That is why you need to send them informative content.

Before sending the promotional messages, ensure your customers have given you the go-ahead. Customers who start a WhatsApp conversation can also receive a message. It is important to adhere to such guidelines to prevent filling your clients’ WhatsApp inboxes with baseless content.

Don'ts of WhatsApp Promotion

1. Spamming Your Customers

As much as you want to market your products and business, you should not do it without a plan. You do not have to flood your customers’ inboxes with promotional messages without their consent. That will be a nuisance and turn off some customers.

After you have created promotional messages, you must use the WhatsApp opt-in feature to get customers to accept your promotional messages. You can then send messages to them about updates on your product changes and upcoming offers. Also, ensure that you do not send transactional, promotional messages.

2. Violating Data Privacy Policy

WhatsApp Business and API will expose you to a lot of customer data. However, as a business owner using WhatsApp for the business, you need to be very vigilant lest you violate the set data privacy policy. For instance, you should not send customers promotional messages without their consent. Therefore, you have to use the acceptable means of getting customers to receive your promotional messages. Your customers can sign up for marketing campaigns by completing an opt-in form.

Also, you need to ensure that you avoid using customer data for your selfish gains, such as defrauding customers. It is important that you only use customer data to enhance their experience and boost sales without exploiting them. Therefore, follow the WhatsApp data privacy guidelines by heart to avoid making mistakes

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To conclude....

As WhatsApp promotional messages continue to be popular, you must understand how to leverage them for the success of your business. That means you have to understand how best to send promotional messages to get your customers to buy your goods or services. But first of all, you will need to have a WhatsApp business or API account. Additionally, you should always seek the guidance of a WhatsApp Business API provider like BusinessOnBot to assist you.  You can then create a catalog to display your goods or services. Then have customers sign up to receive promotional messages from you. Be sure, however, that the messages are not transactional and detailed. You should use any feedback you receive via WhatsApp to improve customer experience and enrich customer satisfaction.

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